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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1482991 views.

Viola I do hope that you have better luck with finding food for the rest of your trip. Traveling right now sounds like a real challenge. I guess we will try to bring our own food with us if we do any traveling and not depend on finding places along the way. At the very least things are open and moving around can happen in a modified way right now.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


Yah...places to stay have NO food or drink that a gluten-free person can consume during this shutdown - not that was much better before though!!...we stayed at a hotel that offered breakfast. HAH...the only things they had were packaged Danishes - lumps of sugar, wheat, and preservatives sealed in plastic!! You could make coffee in your room, but they had none in the lobby. They originally told us they would have fresh fruit, but they didn't. The desk setup was hilarious...they had a bucket of disinfectant that you threw the room key into, a trash can under the table that you threw the room key jacket into. They only take credit cards and there is a kind of a dance you have to go thru to get your room key!! The guy puts it on a specific spot on the desk, he steps back, you step forward and take the key and step back...

We have found Jack In The Box has at least a few things that can be made gluten-free....the breakfast burritos can be ordered without the tortilla - we like the Meaty Breakfast Burrito, you can order a grilled chicken breast, and their salads are mostly ok as long as you get the grilled chicken. Side salad is ok too. Dressings are pretty bad though - I am allergic to corn syrup and they don't have any without something bad! Dunno if they will give you a slice of lemon or not - I carry TrueLemon crystallized lemon juice packets I can sprinkle on my salad.. 

Also ordered a salad at Subway - their rotisserie chicken is pretty good...That was an experience too. It is particularly hard to order food with a mask on!! 

Barring that, I would try a grocery might have to do more prep stuff, but fresh fruit and some fresh veggies are not too hard to deal with.

I had to go to the Kaiser hospital a few days ago to get a blood draw. The last time I went, it was SOOOO hard to talk with the mask that I wrote LAB WORK on a piece of paper and just flashed that at the 'gate keepers' of the nurses cracked up and said 'I see you have been here before!'


From: Kim D. (KIMDIG)


Wow Laura, that's exciting you'll be able to go with your daughter to see the ultrasound.  And you already know it's a boy?  How fun!!  


From: lppenguins


Yes you’re right there are many people who believe it’s all a hoax to divert attention from government/political issues, which just confuses me completely. I’m just staying in my lane (so to speak) 

im praying everyone will continue to be cautious. 


From: lppenguins


You’re so right. I wouldn’t have had to shop for thread for years if at home. The only good thing was DH actually saw what it’s like out there. I think he will be more understanding when I can’t find something he Needs at the store. Lol


From: lppenguins


Hi Vi, if you see a Walmart or grocery, go in at get her some ensure shakes and bars just to have on hand, so she’ll have something to eat. 


From: lppenguins


Yes, I’m embracing being a Nana.
There are so many reports of becoming a mother helping regulate some people’s hormones and improving depressive anxiety. 
so I’m sure she’s going to be in that category. 
Already better and went off meds before she got pregnant. Yay 

So, the negative part of owning a house is showing...LOL! $1400 for air conditioning/heat pump fix. Another bit for router that went bad (could happen in apt). Then the mower is having issues and needs to be repaired (I hope, rather than replaced). I broke the wiring for the switch to the garage light, so that should be repaired. Hoping my handyman (I'm using for first time and contracted already to come do a couple things) who is planning to come work Monday can fix the garage switch, cause the $$ I'd saved for electrician I put on the air. Oy vey! #broke. 

In other news, putting in app where I am to transfer to unit coordinator so I'll have a more traditional schedule. M-F days, 3 nocs "on call" per month and one weekend on call q 5-7 weeks. It means I'd be able to go to church again, sleep in on Saturdays, etc! We'll see if they'll hire me. It's for rehab, so I'll be adding to my experience. Pray that God brings this to the right conclusion :)  I won't get a pay raise but the ability to go to church will make a big difference!

I may have a new roommate soon. Found someone on who seems like a good fit. 45, into fitness, quiet and neat, and travels quite a bit so I may have more time to myself. Chris is planning to move out ( :( ) so gotta replace that income. 

I have my NCLEX (nursing boards) exam scheduled in ~2 mo. I won't tell the date; we're superstitious about it. But I'm studying away for that, too! 

Hope you guys are doing well. Just thought I'd pop in and update. BTW, my facility has been C-19 free for >2 weeks now.

Mel Harris (MelHarris1) said:

So, the negative part of owning a house is showing

The thing about owning a house is that at first the payments seem huge. A few years go by and hopefully your job pays a little better, inflation causes rentals to rise and you are actually paying less that you would in a rental. The ownership is for a long haul and at the end you hopefully come out ahead if you sell. Depending on real estate in your area you can come out way ahead................I know people who have made half a million dollars on a in Seattle or Denver area where the market has gone thru the roof. One other thing is learn to do as many home repairs as you can to save paying someone else. I get it electric and plumbing are not on the DIY list but many other things are if you have time.

Good luck on the new roommate situation. I am sure with your study schedule and hard work you will do fine on your boards.............been there and I know it is scary but just keep studying as much as you can it really makes a difference.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt) said:

I attended an adoption the other day via Zoom!

That sounds great!  Great that so many people were "there" to support this event.