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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 2362066 views.

Well for now I think "Sponge Mark Grumpy Pants" is a fitting name.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Fair warning:  A bit of a loooong update.....

Well...  I think many of you know me well enough (or learned) that I feel like I can let you in on some news.  As you know, DH was laid off suddenly Jan 10 and that seemed to be God's clear direction for us to stop running the treadmill of Silicon Valley and retire.  We had been planning for that and David selected his personal date of Dec 2021 as that would have been 40 yrs since beginning work after college.  But **hey** a bit early with few benefits was just fine and offered the opportunity for DH to work on some personal projects he longed to have time to just putter on. 

Another thing was to give us time to really consider what where we might live long term.  One of DH's personal desires has been to escape CA and the less comfortable environment it is becoming for more conservative people.  We've been watching, researching and considering many different states and areas across the country.  Well...  a couple of weeks ago, as "they" say, we did a thing!  We offered and are now under contract for 17 acres of land in Ft. Collins, CO.  This property already has a comfortable 2500 sq ft house on one corner and the rest has been used for growing agricultural crops most recently barley.  It has an agricultural well with pump to supply water at 80 gallons/minute and has NO HOA to comply with.  We will build a new home, as DH describes "from the inside out".  DH has always wanted to build with our needs/wants as the priority not to fit or adjust an existing house or plans to us or our preferences.  A couple of examples include a bunch of solar panels NOT mounted to the roof but to have them ground mounted so as he gets older he won't have to climb a ladder to clean/maintain.  To put up an American Flag pole and fly the flag not attached to the house.  He also dreams of a space to build a work shop for wood working; electronic work; metal work; reloading ammunition for target practice and many other interests he may or may not entertain.  He is pretty much an inventor at heart so he wants time and space to dabble. 

Bless his heart he wants to build me a large sewing room that will be able to house my stash, machines and even Lizzie (my long arm) with the right lighting and other layout needs that would suit my needs.  One want I've had is needing to see mountains and have trees at the location we choose.  Now...  if you know CO to the east of the Rockies...  there are not many trees and looking west to the Rockies are about the only mountains you see.  Can you say...  Prairie?  That has always been the extended Akers family joke that the family farm (in the Limon, CO area) was really the last stop as the prairie flatlands stretch east toward Kansas.  So DH has promised me we'll plant the trees I want and we'll have all the water we need to water them!  We didn't plan on buying property larger than 2 or 3 acres but at least it wasn't the 81 acres in a more rural area!  When we first walked out to the middle of the 17 acres I looked to the west to the Rockies and the view was beautiful and it was so very quiet.  I thought I was only thinking, "Dang.  I wish this wasn't such a great view of the Rockies from here!"  I guess I said it out loud as our realtor standing nearby heard me and commented too.

So once the property closes and we are the owners we will begin looking for and interviewing designer/architectural team to begin the process.  We have some basic things to see to like moving the above ground power poles that run in the middle of the property and move them underground or to the easement near the agricultural ditch set back.  Also, one of the things I can see doing with the existing home is hosting small retreats for smaller groups of quilting friends.  There is a good sized living room/dining room area along with a kitchen/dinette area that could be used for cutting, ironing and laying out.  With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths it would be great as a "Retreat House"!  

We won't move for 2 or 3 years or however long it takes so we'll use the existing house as a beachhead to live in when we are there seeing to things and as construction is going on instead of having to lease/rent an apartment or condo.  DJ also has been looking to apply to some internships in the Denver area and asked if he could live there and commute.  My FIL's Trust will (hopefully) be executed and distributed in the next 6 months but that will leave use with 2 rental homes here in N CA that we will need to sell.  One is empty (so relatively easy to liquidate) but the other rental has a 2nd generation, long term renter who we won't be able to evict so we can sell due to new CA state, county and city rules put in place due to COVID.  DH has already lowered her rent as she lost her job due to cuts due to COVID but the rules do not favor landlords to do what they want with their property.  Who who knows how long we may have that one.  

The only thing I'm uneasy about is the long term help for my Mom as long as she stays in my parent's home.  My sister works FT so a lot of errands and Dr appts etc are things I do for and with her.  But my sister will be done with her Masters (Libr Sci) in a year so should be more available.  DH has already said we will have a line item in our budget to travel back and forth (2 hr direct flight) whenever we need or want to.  His brother and family are still here and the family has grown closer since Gpa's passing. 

So it will be an adjustment for many.  I'm already over thinking packing and moving the sewing room.  Ugh!  The only good things about it I've come up with are I can find things I haven't seen for a while and I can photograph and inventory my stashed PIGS so I can categorize and plan my strategy to tackle!

Thanks for reading!!  Sorry it was so long.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I'm glad Mark is released but I'm sorry they released a grumpy guy to you.  


From: Mishii


Congratulations to you both!  What an exciting way to start this new chapter.

So exciting and I wish you all the best!


From: KSCarolyn


Congratulations, Colorado is a beautiful state.  I looked it up and Ft. Collins is up there close to Wyoming.  I know the winters will be very different for you but I have found that the weather doesn't matter when you are retired.  You don't have to scrap your windshields to go to work, etc.  Keep us up to date on building your house.  It will be fun to experience it with you.


Judy that is is exciting. Ft Collins still has very much a small town feel.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


wow..sounds like a slice of heaven!

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Suze (casuzenn) said, with respect to Ft. Collins, CO:

wow..sounds like a slice of heaven!

except for that little thing about SNOW IN THE WINTER.   ::shiver::   ick.    But Wiki sure does show some pretty photos. :-)




So glad for you! But be sure you own the water rights, some areas in Colorado, the water rights do not come with the land , sorry, i am typing on my phone, the water rights are not always with the land, strange i know, but i would be sure you did have the water rights. And how much!! 

Sounds exciting!!!!

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Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


yah ...but as Judy says...They are retired...and don't HAVE to go out in the snow...they can winter in AZ!!