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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 2535591 views.

 Several people have asked about the challenge fabric and rules.  I had to go back, way back, to find the post with the information.  I finally found it and here it is reprinted.


Okay ladies, here are the Challenge rules.

Coronavirus Quilt Challenge 2021 Retreat

“Make me laugh or smile” 

With the doom and gloom of the coronvirus pandemic and being locked down in our homes for long periods of time, we have decided we need a challenge to make us laugh or smile. 

Rules will be as follows:

  1. Use the Fabric “Bamboo on Navy blue” given out at the 2020 Retreat.  Use a sizable piece(s) so that we can recognize it.  (Thanks to Yetta for challenge fabric)   We do have a couple of fat quarters left.  So if you decide you want to take on the challenge you can email Kim to drop one in the mail to you.  
  2. Make a quilted wallhanging (maximum size 30 X 30), quilted bag or quilted table runner.  

Think outside the block and add text as you like, pictures, art, embroidery, etc., the object is to create a challenge piece that makes the viewer laugh, giggle or at least smile.  Who’s been hoarding the toilet paper?  Remember to keep it clean!  

Inspiration or ideas could come from something you enjoyed doing, something you saw, a book you read or something you created during the shutdown.  

Challenge yourself to try a new to you technique. Maybe it’s paper piecing, appliqué, redwork or sewing a zipper in the bag you want to make.  Stretch those quilting wings! 

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


"But that means if there is a power outage, I wouldn't have any water either! "

Sounds like you need to have a generator as a back-up source of power,  at least for your well.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


oh yeah...the challenge fabric...hum...


I KNOW where my piece is ( I think)....and I have an idea of what I  what to do...just not inspired to actually WORK on it...maybe when the weather cools down's supposed to be 117 here today..yikes...


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


((((( Ami )))))  Yes.  Being a caregiver is exhausting both physically AND emotionally.  I'm glad you went to bed early but it's also very important for you to take time for YOU.  I know you know this this and it is nothing new.  Perhaps when you have to do errands like to the grocery or pick up prescriptions or whatever you take along handwork and just sit under a tree or in the car for an extra 20 minutes or however long and do YOU.  Not just waiting for Mark at a Dr appt or test but take extra time for you.  Read some pages of a book you've been wanting to get to.  By yourself.  Your choice.  Even just take extra moments to be with you quietly.  Not thinking about to do lists but fill your mind and heart with joy.

I wish I was closer to help distract you and help you a bit.  Hang in there friend!!!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Thanks for sharing your experience about snow in the front range area.  Yeah...  you know me and can imagine what a skier I AM NOT!!!  hahaha    But I will stay inside and think of you skiing and enjoying that to your heart's content!  


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt) said...

Just think of each snowstorm as an opportunity to languish in front of the fire while observing the weather from a distance.  Mmm, cocoa and hand-stitching in front of the fire on those days when you don't even want to think about going outdoors.

Your description is EXACTLY my plan!!!  With a Costco and a WalMart within 15 minutes (each direction) we will plan to "stock" more in general.  So we won't go out as much (I've noticed thatin the last months since DH retired) and we are planning to incorporate a pantry/butlers pantry into the new build somehow.  We are not striving for elaborate but build to anticipate our needs as we grow older.  Spread out on one level where land does not cost $1 per sq ft as in Silicon Valley in CA!!  Yes, David did the calculations.  



From: Judy (DJZMOM)


judyinohio said...

wind chill factors

Yes.  I do know about wind chill.  I've been in CO in the winter too as we had a family event in Colorado Springs in winter.  No snow was actively falling but it was ccccccooooooold with wind.  I even went prepared from N CA with boots and heavy coat etc.  DH knows I don't do well in extreme cold (Reynaud's Syndrome with lupus as well as neuropathy in my feet due to chemo).  So I will stay hunkered down and stay warm and cozy inside looking out to the cold and snow. 



From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I told David what you advised me about the water rights.  (Thanks again!)

He has read all the fine print and reminded me we are on city water for the current house and will be for the new build.  The well is ours with the allowance of being allowed to pump x number of gallons for agricultural use.  It has an electric pump that will pump the maximum allowable of 80 gallons per minute.  So he believes we will be set with water to plant the trees (that are common to the area - pine and spruce) that will make me smile.  Sssshhhh...  aspen are lovely as their leaves glisten in the breezes but they are not as natural to the front range geographic area this property is in.  But I might get him to sneak a couple in here and there among the other trees!  


Well congratulations to both of you! Quite an adjustment happening there! 

And of course, you can harvest your rainwater too.  Why not save every drop you possibly can?  It doesn't take a very complicated system.  Mine is just barrels to capture what comes off the roof through the gutters and downspouts, and is gathered in large barrels under the downspouts.  It came with the house.  In this area, there are often limitations on watering lawns and yard plants.  The story I heard is that the previous owner installed the barrel system for his wife because she loved her plants and couldn't use "house" water to water them during certain periods without paying hefty fines.  So she used the harvested rainwater for her plants instead.    Win-win.