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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1482982 views.

I've been learning a lot about BORO stitching, and that suiting stuff is just the kind of stuff some of the boro artists use - that and denim and some indigo.  But seems like they will use just about anything.  How about trying to wash and dry ONE of the suits (or just the coat or pants) and see how it comes out before you make the whole quilt?  I really like the look of the boro stitching projects, but I will admit, it's probably not to everyone's liking.  But I like it -- would like to play with it a little bit to see if I could do a small project and still be interested.  

When I get neckties, I always put them in lingerie bags (sorted by color) and wash them with color catchers, then dry them in the dryer.  The poly ones wash up much better than the silk ones.  I discovered that a long time ago when I first became interested in using ties.  I threw away several silk ties that seemed to be absolutely destroyed by washing.  Then I decided I would only buy poly ties, as they wear great and almost never fade.  But now I think there is a way I could use those "destroyed" silk ties.  Of course, they are never going to wear as well as the poly ones, but they can be used in certain projects, even after they are washed.  

In one thrift store, I even found 4-5 lovely ties made out of Liberty of London cotton fabrics - sweet!  That stuff is hard to get here in the US, and it's very expensive.  I think I paid 99 cents for each one.  I haven't tried washing them yet.

But anyway -- washing is always my first step, to see how the fabric will hold up later when washed as a quilt.    




JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt) said:

How about trying to wash and dry ONE of the suits (or just the coat or pants) and see how it comes out

I have not looked thru the whole box,there is a pair of pants that i see, most of it is samples in about 5 x 6 squares, don't know how it would wash, but may experiment when I get time.  If you want some for your boro projects, let me know, i will send you some!

When it gets cool enough,  I can still come down and help you finish cleaning out the storage unit.  Have truck, can travel is my motto!!  Only has 374 K miles, I am shooting for 500K, so let me know!!  

Oh, I thought you meant whole suits.  LOL  Yeah, I don't know about washing the samples, unless they have pinked edges and you put them in lingerie bags.  That might work.  But maybe not even necessary.  I always wash the ties, though.  Sometimes they have spills, and you never know whose sweaty neck they have been around.  LOL

Oh, I don't need any of those fabrics for boro projects.  But thanks for the offer.  I have enough random stuff that I can try it out to see if I like it.  I do like your idea of making them into a quilt.  It would be very masculine, and wouldn't be very complicated - but I bet it would really be heavy and warm!  Win-win.  

I might take you up on that offer.  With your truck, we might be able to do it in one more go, instead of 2-3 more trips with my leetle hatchback car.  I will have to plan better.  Sometimes I just take a notion at the last minute and don't do much planning ahead.  I will let you know, and I really do appreciate the offer.  My mind will be able to rest much easier once I get rid of that place and that monthly rent (especially now that there's not much in there).  I would REALLY like to have it all done and turn in my key before the end of October.  I was reaching for the end of September, but I don't think it's going to be cool enough to suit me till October.  LOL  

Not to mention that it's so close to Texas Thrift.  (But I'm sure you hadn't even thought about that.  LOL)    


From: Kim D. (KIMDIG)


((((Ami)))))  I'm glad Mark decided to go to the hospital right away.  Sending up prayers for both you and Mark.    


From: Mishii




Just wondering how I get in on this action.  Is there a sign up sheet or.....?

Thanks Kim. He still has good days and bad days. Dr appt next week to talk about next steps.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


oh, that one was great!   I didn't watch Cheers, so I wouldn't have thought of it.  :-)