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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1514260 views.

From: lppenguins


Put it away in you memory, you never know :0). 

I heard on the news that at ASU in Tempe they are fining and actually disbanding fraternities. The kids are taking pictures of hug parties, on boats out at the lakes, desert parties etc. and their classmates are turning them in.  No kidding, they took it all off campus because of the “rules of masks and social distancing” but they’re still exposing everyone.
Kids want to stay on campus and go to college, and they’re telling on those not willing to stop the huge parties.

if you pay that much for college you don’t want to be in your bedroom at home on the computer. 


From: lppenguins


Omgosh how scary. I am getting my flu shot this year!  They don’t have one for COVID but I don’t want any flu  

feel better soon!

my son's fraternity is not holding anything for the same reason.  So they are limiting all gatherings to 10 or less.  I wonder if he's still going to have to pay the $$$ dues.  Man I will be so glad when this is past us.

Oh, Carolyn, please take care of yourself! (((HUGS)))

So I'm debating a job...FT pay is low, like LPN kind of pay because they don't take my LPN years into account, and I just became an RN (higher level nurse). But it is state so has good benefits. Or there's PRN. The pay is good, but no benefits. and it's called PRN. She can use me 5 days/week now, but will not necessarily always be able to...

I was very excited about the offer, as it's at the school for the deaf! I would get to practice/get better at ASL and work with kids again...pros? Cons?




Yikes!  Glad it wasn't covid! My cousin and her hubby from Kansas City (Margaret's daughter) are coming down tomorrow for a few (?) days.  They are headed to Colo to see their granddaughter, but Cindy wants to get some quilts quilted,  I told her we could probably get two a day done (no trimming or binding, just quilting.) she quilts on her domestic, but the larger quilts are harder to do.  So she is going to use my LA (she is quilting-haha) I think we can do it.  Now, how many days she wants to stay, that is another question.  They have other places they want to visit on their way to Colorado, but I am hoping we can get at least 4 done, maybe more!!  
I have been cleaning the house, but hubby bought 4 sheep today, so I have been helping him with that, and picked a bid bucket of okra--THAT is going to the food bank tomorrow, cause I am tired of okra and have enough in the freezer!!  So the house may not get quite as tidy as I would like.  Ha Ha, and the building is a wreck!!  But she can go shopping in my stash if she wants.  

Sounds like you two will have lots of fun. She will not remember how clean your house is but how much fun you had.

That does sound interesting. What are your long term goals? Does either help get experience for those? Benefits and salary help in the short term but if one gives you some varied experience that is worth something as well.

Pineapple, love that. Now to remember it.

Oh dear Carolyn, take care. If not better soon get another test. I know of 2 personnally where the first test was negative, then positive. And both have recovered. Dont be scared but be smart and seek treatment early.