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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1571589 views.

Sounds like you two will have lots of fun. She will not remember how clean your house is but how much fun you had.

That does sound interesting. What are your long term goals? Does either help get experience for those? Benefits and salary help in the short term but if one gives you some varied experience that is worth something as well.

Pineapple, love that. Now to remember it.

Oh dear Carolyn, take care. If not better soon get another test. I know of 2 personnally where the first test was negative, then positive. And both have recovered. Dont be scared but be smart and seek treatment early.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes! We ate with Kim & family. 

Same position, actually, but I'm having a hard time choosing...thx for the advice! Did I tell ya'll it's at the deaf school? I love the idea of working there, learning more, etc.

that is cool.  My daugher really does enjoy working with the kids, it has been a nice break from SNF.


From: lppenguins


Definitely, if they close the dorms, these kids will all have to go home! They don’t want to. ASU was saying they’ll lose 10s of thousands of dollars.

 I have a dear friend who for the last 10 years has taken in foreign exchange students, this year they refused to enroll them even after the 14 days. In a school district (and his school) that he works for!

he went out of district, and they were enrolled. Thank goodness. 
I’m not letting my guard down though! I do not want any flu.


From: lppenguins


It’s a hard decision. My #1 would be, can you get health insurance. You need insurance. 
Also if the one job can’t guarantee full time on  a permanent basis I would have to pass.

To unstable especially right now.  You’ve worked to hard for your beautiful home, and to get your debts all paid off. 

good luck in which ever you choose.


From: lppenguins


How fun. I’d be outside playing with the animals lol I wasn’t quilting. Lol

sounds like she won’t have time for looking for cobwebs