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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1966946 views.

From: MelRN


We occasionally looked at jeans in the store. We really wore whatever brand was 25¢ or 50¢ at the garage sales. Name on the butt or not (usually not) style or not, acid washed like everyone else did a couple years before...

Once Goodwill moved in, we did find a couple nice items once in a while. Oh, and I once found a jacket in a dumpster--it was my fav for like 3 years.


From: MelRN


I was a puhzer and didn't get one in. I'm still sending love and hugs! <3 

I had some dittos, in bright candy colors.  But I was in Jr. high and I remember it was the 1st time my dad let my shop for my clothes by myself.  Felt very grown up.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Will be praying for Bob that everything will go well and that he will heal fast

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


MelRN said:

I was a puhzer and didn't get one in.

still plenty o' room on the back....if you are so inclined! I have a few that I need to applique on already..

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


my Sis wore hers even after having her first baby...she laid down on the bed, took a huge breath in, yanked the zip up and stuffed the stretchy part of her tum into the pants...

I dunno how she was able to breathe!

She did say her tum, by virtue of being squished into the pants for a whole day, stayed shrunk...she had a bit of a muffin top!

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Thanks for the good wishes.  I'll let you know how he does.  He's ready to have it over with! 

Well, we visited ( 2 hours) with the foot doctor.  He is pleased with the way Roger’s foot looks. His concern Is the nice soft shoes we purchased from JudyinOhio recommended site have no support. He’s of 2 minds, leave thins alone at the moment, since wounds are healing. However with no support in his shoe he runs the risk of breaking his foot just by transferring from wc to recliner or bed. But, if we put supports in the shoe, will it raise the foot up making toes run, causing another sore. He felt a tiny pulse in on place on his ankle. His recommendation is to leave things along and hope the foot doesn’t break.  He has absolutely no feelings from the bottom of his feelings up to his knees.   So for now we just check them daily.   I feel better about with what we’ve been doing. Now if I can keep my back, hip and arms kinda pain free! Thank you for all your prayers and suggestions.

See above a few posts. This was perfect!

Thank you do much!


From: judyinohio


Sandy, I am so glad you could find shoes (or slippers) that were helpful.

I know that Zappo's will take orders from people who need only one shoe so I thought it might be the place for people that need to make other kinds of special orders.