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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 2045365 views.

From: KSCarolyn


Sorry I've been MIA with no explanation.  First thing, the surgery was very successful and I have no pain now.  After I was discharged by the spine hospital and after spending months in my bedroom it was obvious that I was too weak to take care of myself even with George's help.  Kellie arranged for me to go to a local assisted living place (LakePoint) I could work with PT to regain some of my strength.  George took care of my house and doggies while I was at LakePoint so I was glad he was here.

Not too long after I arrived at LakePoint I became so sick.  I had dry heaves because I had no food in my stomach.  I couldn’t eat, everything made me sick to my stomach.  I had really bad shakes, sweats, etc.  Dr. Harder order a sonogram of my stomach to make sure there was nothing wrong with my stomach.  My stomach was fine, my blood work was fine, my vitals were good.  So Dr. Harder came over and sat down at the nurse's station and read my entire chart.  Pretty soon he came into my room and said “ I think I found the problem, why did you stop taking your pain pills?”  I told him I didn’t have any pain and didn’t think I needed the pain meds anymore.  He said that was the wrong thing to do.  After months of being on Fentanyl pain patches and Hydrocodone 10, 5-6 times a day, which was absolutely necessary because of the agony I was in.  He said you can’t do that, you need to be weaned off the narcotics.  I became alarmed and asked if I was an addict and he said no I wasn’t BUT after months of pain meds my body had become used to having the meds in my system and to suddenly stop like that was a bad thing to do.  During the week all this was going on I lost another 12 pounds for a total of 40 pounds since this all began.  He reduced the strength of the pain meds and now I’m almost done with weaning off.

George’s last day was July 30.  He getting ready to go back to school and do some things before he starts.  I’m still weak but I have so many different therapists coming and going that it’s a wonder they don’t trip over each other.  That will go on for a month or more.  I’m able to take care of myself except for cooking in the kitchen.  Jason and Kellie will take care of making sure I have enough food to keep my strength up.  I got my appetite back and now I have to be careful not to gain all that weight back.   

So glad you are doing so much better! Weaning off meds is important. 


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


That is the down side of selling - you have to get something else that is just as expensive right now.  It is awfully nice to have some projects done.  I am happy every time I go in our remodeled bathroom.  But it does make you appreciate why hiring a painter is so expensive - painting cabinets it is hard and time consuming work.

I kind of wish DH would be happy with this place, but he is still wanting to build on the land - eventually.  My worry is it will take so long he'll be too old to maintain it.  We finally got some test holes drilled for a well with no luck.  So now he's looking at hauled water - meaning someone delivers water to a tank.  this is getting more and more rustic.... who knows where this will end up.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Good to see you back on the forum.  Glad you are slowly getting back to normal.  I'll talk to you soon.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


I am sorry to hear that you had to go thru all this but am glad the doctor discovery the problem and fix it.Glad you are feeling better and will be able to sew again soon.


From: bornblesse2


I finally added borders to my quilt from Rays improve strip class.

now to get a box of quilts off to Mishii so that she can play!

Hopefully you will get your property figured out. Yes as we are getting older priorities begin to change. Maybe a get away cabin to just go to relax.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Carolyn, I am SO happy to hear from you!  I can't imagine the physical pain that you had been going through and am very glad that your surgery & pain meds have conquered it!

It must have been quite a mental challenge for you to move to the assisted living facility, even knowing it was going to be temporary BUT it's probably a really good thing that you did.  Having George at your home to look after it and the dogs must have taken a large weight off your mind.

And now you have a new regimen of PT to continue doing .... you need to keep moving and keep flexible!  Just keep in mind that the next Retreat is just around the corner!  :-)

Glad you're back on the forum.  You sound soooooo much better! ((hugs))


From: MelRN


I'm glad you're feeling better and he's working on weaning you; sounds like a wise doc. <3


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


((((Carolyn))))  You sure have been through the ringer.  I'm so very glad you can immediately say your back has NO PAIN and the surgery worked!!!  Medications that do so much to help us and it is very hard to imagine how they can be a detriment to us too.  Thank goodness to a diligent doctor willing to take the time to find a reason and solution for you.