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Janet Wickell (janma)

From: Janet Wickell (janma)


Welcome to the Online Quilting Guild

Make yourself at home. There are plenty of beginning and experienced quilters here who love to chat about quilting techniques. It's a friendly group, so don't be afraid to jump in and ask or answer questions.

Online Swaps

We usually have lots of fun quilting swaps taking place. In the past, on About's forums, 'registered hostesses' ran swaps. Since it's impossible to actually help when a swap goes bad, I decided to remove that requirement, but do ask that new hostesses be a member in good standing for at least six months before starting a swap, and to have successfully completed a minimum of two swaps as a participant.
The 'old' rules also said not to post a swap from another forum or website. That's changed a little bit since some of our hostesses allow participation by members of Let's Make Quilts Block Swaps (a Facebook group).
Members: It's up to each person to evaluate a swap and feel confident in the hostess before joining.

Respect Copyright

Do not use the forum to discuss or encourage reprints or exchange of copyrighted material. That includes copies of books, magazines and any other material copyrighted by someone else.

Take Religious & Political Views to Private Email

Discussions about topics such as religion and politics can get heated. They have nothing to do with quilting, so I ask that you take those conversations to private email or talk about them on a forum where they do relate to the topic. If they show up on the Quilting Forum, they will be deleted.

No Personal Flaming

If you are tempted to say something to another member that could be regarded as insulting, go drink a glass of water or iced tea or whatever and cool off. Use your forum controls to put the person you don't get along with on "ignore" if necessary.

No Chain Letter Requests

There are lots of quilt-related "chain letters" floating around the Internet, promising that you'll receive thousands of blocks or fabrics back if you send some out yourself. We do not allow that information to appear in the Quilting Forum.

No Soliciting Please

It's common for our members to get together and make comfort quilts for each other, or quilts to commemmorate a birthday, anniversary, birth or other event. Those activities are perfectly fine, and always have been. Please do not solicit fabric or quilts for yourself and please do not solicit monetary donations for anyone.


  1. Q. Do I have to register to use the forums?
    A. You can enter as a guest and read posts, but you must register before you can post or answer a post that's already there. Registering is quick, simple, and free. Please join us.
  2. Q. Are there any types of posts that are prohibited here?
    A. We will delete any spam or commercial posts. Please do not post to sell something or involve anyone in a money-making proposition. Flames or rude / insensitive remarks will be removed. Users who are disruptive may be gagged at the admins' discretion.
  3. Q. May I promote my product or Web site here?
    A. As with most places on the Internet, you may make your URL part of your "signature" by typing it under your name at the end of your posts, but please do not place commercial posts on the forum. 

If commercial posts continue, that person's account becomes a moderated account and messages won't go live until they're checked (and that can take awhile).

Thank you.