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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 933929 views.

From: xstchr


That would be great.  Thanks.


From: xstchr


I’m sure they would be if they were still living on earth.  I was taught sewing and quilting by both.

thank you.


From: xstchr


Yes it was.  This was my first quilt entry.  I’ve done lots of counted cross stitch pieces I ‘ve entered and received many ribbons including Best of Show, advanced division.  Both were eligible for the state fair, but I didn’t want to ship them.


From: MarciainMD


xstchr said:

Both were eligible for the state fair, but I didn’t want to ship them.

I don't blame you!


From: xstchr


Today I’m going to see if I can get some time in the sewing room.  Health problems have kept me from workin all week.  I need to get a charity quilt bound to take to Guild meeting on Tuesday.  Also hope to finish cutting fabric for more charity quilts.

What I did this long weekend.  I've become intriged with black & white, finding quilt layouts I can use just the B&W novelties combined with TOT brights for the color.  I've got 6 so far, all using 4.5" squares.  One I finished last week, the others I decided to put together kits.  I spent much of the weekend going through the black and white baskets and precutting 3 or 4 of each, or if there isn't much left cutting up all the piece.  I ended up with a large pile of each, about 6" tall - that will last me a while.  I then went through my scrap basket for the brights - yikes that was a mess.  But now I have 4 complete kits - the 5th one will need some special cutting so I will do that one later.  And yesterday evening I started sewing.

completed top

selecting squares for kit - this one will use a 3D square in each alternate corner - see the purple diamond in the 2nd row. 

And here's the one I started sewing last night - lots of HST to trim but it's going to be a very happy quilt.  



From: judyinohio


You have so much energy that you astonish me with your output. 

Love the "Happy Quilt" name for the third photo.

"energy" or avoiding doing what I should be.  It really is very much like a jigsaw puzzle, oh let's just do a "little bit" more.  It all started by flipping through my scrapbook and putting post it flags on the ones I thought would work for B&W.  Well then I need to draw them out on EQ.  And then I decided to precut a bunch (after having used up most of the stash I had previously).  And then let's make kits.  and and and... and now the entire weekend is done and all I did was sew.  Eh, vacuming can wait.