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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 189933 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


**fantastic** job!   That's a great sense of accomplishment!


From: CozyQuilts


Thank you !  The first two are from my Secret Sisters back in 2013 and 2014.  I just did the sashing.  The larger one with the Antique Tile is a round robin top.  I did the center and then 5 friends from all over the US did the borders.  When I did the center, it was intended for a child, so bright and happy.


From: latterberry


All three quilts are absolutely stunning!  I don't think I could pick a favorite.  I really like how you can piece the top and have your guild quilt it to give to charity.  Great idea.  I'm.more of a piecer than a quilter so I love that plan.   Hope you get your sewing mojo back soon--sometimes we just need a break from it.


From: CozyQuilts


thank you Lynne!  Actually I just did the sashing on two of them as they were gifts from a Secret Sister many years ago.  I did the center block and other friends finished the borders for me, Round Robin.  I love how they turned out also but more that someone will be able to use them.  I gave myself permission this year to make the tops, and then donate the tops and backings to the guild and they will finish them for me.  Less stress for me.  


From: xstchr


That’s a great thing for you to do for your Mom.


From: CozyQuilts


Thank you!  All 3 will be donated to charity.


From: Misha (MISHAMISHA)


Hey there, folks! Putting my Moderator Hat on for a minute to ask a favor. Let's do our best please to keep THIS thread about sewing projects. I can understand how easy it is to get off topic (I'm really good at that myself) but let's have a more general chit chat thread for other stuff. I'll start it, and link it here in a moment. You can also always start new threads both on and off topic as you usually do, we just want to try to keep this one a little more focused on it's original intent of showcasing projects in progress. Thank you!!!

Hey, Misha! Thanks for starting this! 

Recently, I did a lot of minis for my walls at home in sewing room, and then have re-done borders for a quilt for a friend, which I am taking with me to give to my fav LAQ this next week. Can't post pix from here but I'll put links later. :) 

I love seeing what sewing/quilting projects people are working on!