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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 267327 views.

From: tuckyquilter


HAPPY EASTER to you - and the SNOW BUNNY.   

Thankfully we quilters usually have more than enough to keep busy and out of trouble.  As for me, I could live through 5 quarantines and never run out of fabric!!  I am working on a the 2018 mystery and have one row put together.  All borders are cut, sewn and pressed. So here's to hoping all my seams were the same.. LOL

I had to put the HST stuff away as it was starting to drive me batty. I'll pick up on that another time. But have a bunch made.  I sewed some of the 1.5" ones into Flying Geese.  I'm thinking about making either a doll quilt or maybe a baby blanket. I also have a bunch of 1.5" HST sewn into little tiny pinwheels.  A lot of those are in patriotic fabric leftover from the QOV fabric.  Who knows what will happen to them.

But so goes our lives.  or as I say:  And JUST LIKE THAT, we became prisoners in our own home.  Freedom is fleeting if one lets it get away. This too shall pass.  

Oh and to torture me even more... my treadmill started screeching like a banshee so I stopped using it until my handyman comes.  He's going to fix a couple of chairs too.   THEN, my hair is growing at a really fast rate and of course my friend's shop is closed.  I teased her that "I was getting married in two weeks and needed a cut.  She replied that she would leave a pair of scissor on my porch with photos of how to cut it! " I love a good sense of humor.

tuckyquilter said:

  I sewed some of the 1.5" ones into Flying Geese.  I'm thinking about making either a doll quilt or maybe a baby blanket.

That’s a great idea! I need to go though mine and see if I have any fun ones to make a doll quilt for our FIRST granddaughter due in August. (Probably the last too, our DD will be 41 in October).  
She is wanting me to make her some top knot hats from knit fabric.  

I agree:  we quilters are lucky!  I have a neighbor who has no hobbies ... she's going crazy.  She has finally resorted to in-depth spring cleaning to keep busy.  She was asking me if I'd started spring cleaning.  I answered that when I run out of fabric and thread (which isn't going to happen anytime soon), I might give it some thought.  In the meantime, I'm just doing the normal housework, and getting back to quilting as soon as I can.

Hope you'll post a photo of the 2018 mystery soon.  I never do them myself, but I love to see what other quilters do.

My hair is getting out of control too ... might consider doing a bit of a trip myself ... we'll see!

Keep safe!


From: tuckyquilter


Congrats on the new baby in your family.  I call children "The Fountain of Youth" because they help keep us young and our DNA continues. So they truly ARE. LOL   Having a new granddaughter will be fun. This can  be the time you put all those small HST/Flying Geese together in quilts for either the baby or her future dolls.  Perfect timing. 

My kids started late.  Son has my youngest granddaughter. He's 44 and Olivia is 4.   My first grandchild, a girl, arrived when I was 64, and my daughter & hubby were 29.  and I had high hopes for all kinds of projects.  Both my daughter and daughter in law said "NO SMOCKED STUFF".  DD actually calls smocking "prairie clothing".  They are the queens of Spandex.  (sigh), oh well.. I did knit some little sweaters when the girls started walking though. They did wear those.  I might add that neither girl does any kind of "domestic needlework etc".  No interest.  

BUT I sure love quilting. and I love being able to sew whenever I want.  It's a blessing, especially now, as we quilters can keep busy an happy.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Patricia Drew (PatriciaDrew) said:

I finished this little baby quilt this week.

So cute!  Little bunny is perfect for the season. 

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


tuckyquilter said:

She replied that she would leave a pair of scissor on my porch with photos of how to cut it! " I love a good sense of humor.

I may need this approach myself in a couple weeks.  It's been years since my hair has been this long!

Thanks Cathy !

Hope you and yours are keeping well.

Apparently we're starting to see faint light at the end of the tunnel ...

tuckyquilter said:

My kids started late

She is an only child. She has three boys 10, 12 & 14 (the 2 oldest will have birthdays around the time the baby is born)  She and hubby decided to try once more for a girl. He had a reversal on his vasectomy and we are having a GIRL. 


From: Mishii


I just can't think about Covid-19 anymore today.  I can't make another mask.

I need a fun quilt to work on, but I have zero ideas or inspiration.

Give me some ideas please!

Mishii said:

Give me some ideas please!

I know exactly how you feel! 
Something girly for your granddaughter. A quick jellyroll race in bright colors?   Or a string quilt in bright happy colors.