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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 253293 views.

From: Mishii


Mel Harris (MelHarris1) said:

classes made for the low people track

This phrase is just horrifically offensive.  Hopefully they have updated the terminology.

Mishii said...

This phrase is just horrifically offensive.  Hopefully they have updated the terminology.

I assume/hope. They did add walls to the open classrooms and get a computer lab after I left. LOL!!! 


From: bornblesse2


Well, I finally got to work again on my Applique.  I finished the fourth panel with the pretty angel on it.  This will go on the top of the other three.

And, my stabilizer arrived this afternoon, that means tomorrow I can start stitching!  (Unless I get busy tonight....)


From: latterberry


I've enjoyed watching your fashion show on your blog! What a cool pattern for your pants.


From: tuckyquilter


Year 29 of house arrest, And those darn triangles are multiplying like flies at a picnic. However I do have enough sewn into Flying Geese to make a throw.  They are all different size so I will have to do a custom set.

I got the bias for the t-shirt quilt ready. Next since all the stores are closed I have to figure out will be peiced out of large novelity fabrics, maybe a giant pinwheel on the back since I have pinwheels on the front. I just need to figure out what I have. I would order curbside pickup from JoAnn.........BUT I fear that they may have to backorder stuff or will not have the yardage I need, I would rather look and see in person before I buy.

I have also made 3 pair of underwear and have 3 more cut out. Now that I got the fit where I want it they are making up pretty quick and I am using jersey cotton knit for the bands for the legs and waist and it works really nice.............yes crazy sewing project but quick and fun to see what colors I can come up with. Who knew those would ever be something I would make. Another thing if you sew with lightweight knits (which I do) this is a great scrap buster.


From: Midkid5


Made a mistake and kissed a snake..32 times...okay I cut the wrong size squares to make magic eight HST so I'm now short and the fabric is old/unmatchable.  Right now the top is about 64 by 92, so to get it to about 84 by 100, I need to add border/borders. If / when you add such different size borders which way do you lap the borders?



From: latterberry


Now, I'm curious.  I would love to see a photo of your new underwear.  Your sewing talents are amazing--I would never even think of making panties.

latterberry said:

I would love to see a photo of your new underwear.

I need to finish sewing the 2 pair I have going now, they just need the bands on the waist and legs and are the same. Then I will take some photos and put them on my blog. They sew up super fast, the pattern goes from teeny tiny to plus sizes and is a free download if you sign up for a newsletter. I figured why not and now I am on my 4th and 5th pair. They are kinda instant gratification because they sew up so fast. I altered the pattern by adding an inch of rise on the waist so now they are more a hip height than a lower rise.


From: latterberry


I started my quarantine community quilt starting Mar 16th when the kids no longer went to school. I was hoping it wouldn't be that big but it looks like it is still going to continue to grow.