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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 604119 views.

Glad your freezer started working after setting for 4 years. we had a freezer once that set unplugged for more that 4 years and it didn't work when we started it back up.

We were not sure it was going to work, but it has not been moved since we shut it off. I am going to put stuff in there today and next time we go shopping we do not have to worry about fitting what we get at Costco in our side by side which holds a decent amount but it is packed like a tetrus puzzel when we shop and you can't find stuff in the back.

Thanks~ don't know why I couldn't type it or anything. LOL!!! 

Ami is cracking me up--girl, you took pics of yourself and pinned them so I keep seeing you all over pinterest. Bwahha!


From: latterberry


My DD was wanting a small freezer because her side by side doesn't really hold all that much.  I did not realize there was a freezer shortage!  Guess everyone is now stockpiling on frozen food and buying them up.  We looked absolutely everywhere and finally ordered one from an appliance dealer and it won't be in until July.  First it's toilet paper and now freezers.


From: bornblesse2


Shelley, I love watching your blocks come together!  I’m not tempted to start it yet!  Lol.....

but, it has been motivating me to finish up the sorting and reorganizing of my tubs in my sewing area.  And getting me to start thinking about what I should do with the largeStash Busting Stars you tempted me to EPP while in Europe.  I need to decide if I want to do more or make something small!  
oh, I just need to finish binding 1/2 side of the ufo quilt.  That will be done very soon.

keep posting.....

I believe people now think there is going to be a beef shortage; thus the freezer shortage, as people are now evidently hoarding frozen foods in addition to TP.  

Mel Harris (MelHarris1) said:

you took pics of yourself and pinned them so I keep seeing you all over pinterest.

I pinned them to my board called "My Creations" where I pin all the things I make for is my visual record of things I make. I like to look at that board as I can see all those things at once.

latterberry said:

First it's toilet paper and now freezers.

There is also a shortage of sewing machines, elastic, fusible interfacing, etc. etc. etc.

I finally got the backing for the t-shirt quilt finished. I had a large piece of batik in a blue color that I got in a thrift store in Washington one day when I went thrifting with Misha. It was about 4 yards and I only paid $4.00 for the piece! It was not big enough for the backing so I pieced 2 giant pinwheels out of other coordinating fabrics and cut the big piece to go around the pinwheels. There are now only scraps of that giant piece of fabric left..............woot! The math for something like this is complex so I just started with two long sides, then I sewed the pinwheels. Next I did the math to see how much to add to the sides of those to fit between the long sides and went from there step by step. I could have done all the math at one time...............but when you have to take seam allowances into account it was easier to do it in glad this is done. Now I can get this quilted as soon as I can get to my longarm machine. The binding is already made and ready to go.

Now I can put this one away and figure out what to work on next..............yes there will be some photos but I need my daughter to help me with that.

I just got another quilt posted on my blog. It is one of the ones from retreat.........the wonkey circles in shades of blues and tans.


From: Midkid5


Can your next blog post be the wolf quilt? Please and thank you