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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 938749 views.

From: bornblesse2


What about a small gold border and then a border of the focus fabric?  That might lighten your darks...or draw your eye away from them.  Lay it out and see....


From: bornblesse2


That will be fun to use outdoors!


From: latterberry


Judy, I love your  house arrest picnic blanket!  You  know that scrappy is my favorite and that one is a true scrap buster.  And the backing is very cheerful as well.  Today in Illinois it is too hot for this old lady to sit outside even in the shade.  Each year I dislike the heat more and more.

Well, aren't you lucky to be able to go for a haircut.  A few things may slowly open up here, but with our governor being such an idiot, I doubt it.  You have probably read about him.  I lost track of how many Illinois governors have ended up in prison.  Most of us downstate think that Chicago and its politics should just become its own state don't make the rural communities pay for all their problems.  Sorry--rant over.  

So, what will be your next project when this beauty gets quilted?


From: judyinohio


While I had the AccuQuilt GO contraption out so I could cut the various squares I needed for the "Color Mash-up" bit of folly I started cutting some  of my many off-white scraps into 1.5" strips. Then I dug into novelty scraps and other scrap bins and cut those into 1.5" strips as well. I'm well on my way into happily making ten inch diagonally pieced squares.

Just more mindless piecing which I find very relaxing while I ignore the heat wave outside. It seems we have gone from a very short cool and rainy spring to blistering summer overnight. Same thing probably happened in your neck of the woods.

I made myself a new mask out of a pattern that showed up on my youTube feed. I liked the profile and decided to make a pretty one as I have made masks for others but not a pretty one for me (i have been using some that DH company sent us).

I also finished my pants that I started last week..............I got the fabric at SAS thinking it was a rayon which is harder to sew than cotton but not that bad. Well I just did a burn test on the fabric and it is a synthetic, just melted. It was a bear to sew but I got the pants done with way more fussing than I have ever done. They look really good and are worth the fussing. I love the pattern as they are very loose, elastic waist but the front part is not elastic so gives some shape and there are some pleats on the front, gives a flattering profile for a nice pair of casual Summer pants. I will definitely make this pattern again.

I also finished up the first clue for the mystery quilt (Shout For Joy) on Facebook. She gave the next clue so I will be gathering fabric but I have to take my sewing machine in tomorrow as I think the timing is off. The zigzag skips stitches when it swings to the right and I have been using that for knit garmets which I have been enjoying sewing. It is also needed for buttonholes. The Bernina store (fixes all makes an models) so gonna try them out. You make an appointment (mine is tomorrow) and they usually have it done in about 3 days. The other place I usually go needs it for weeks and I do not have a backup machine here. They also had it in Dec for a tune up and do not want to guarantee the problem with the was not working first time I tried it a few weeks ago and the machine sat till I came down here in March so I suspect they did not check that, or they messed up something because it was working fine before.


From: Midkid5


it is so frustrating when you take a machine in and it comes back in worse shape than it went in. Happened a couple of times to me, the worst was back in the late eighties. Took  a machine to the company just for a good cleaning and oiling came back so messed up and it was the only machine I had.  Some one told me about a good independent shop, took it there told him what the issue was, he says you had it serviced at X didn't you.  He told me he could fix it for $100 and guarantee his work.  I told him that the machine cost less than $200 when I had bought it five years earlier. He told me that I would be looking at over $600 to get a machine of the quality I had.  Ihad stitched out all the stitches when the machine was new, I third time I took the machine back I took that with.  It took a fourth trip and a drop of super glue but he finally got the machine running like new.  Finally bought a new machine in 2005.


Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


While I'm not actively using my home machine (done with face masks for now), I decided to bring it into my LQS that has serviced my machines before.  They have VERY good technicians.  Their wait list is at 3 weeks right now, so I had my name put on the list.  There's nothing wrong with the machine; it's just a "well check".

And when it finally does go in for its spa treatment, I do have my Featherweight to use.  It's been a while since my home machine has been gone over, so it's about time.


Midkid5 said:

it is so frustrating when you take a machine in and it comes back in worse shape than it went in.

I should have realized some years back at the same shop when I took my machine in the bobbin winder did not work any more. I did have a side winder so I just did without. Well this last time the actually got that fixed. When I called the Bernina shop they kinda said did you take it to shop X? Yep we hear lots of people that are really mad at X? Well at least now I know. My machine is over 20 years old and to replace with a similar machine would be really, really expensive.........they do not make them like that any more...........sigh. If it were just for quilts I would be happy with my featherweight (that happens to be up in Colorado and I am in New Mexico so now I have no machine till this comes back from the shop). Guess I will be prepping for the next clue of the mystery and digging out some handwork,


From: bornblesse2


I took my machine I. To be service last week also.  They said it would be ready this week.  So I am waiting for a call!  I am happy to say I have another machine that I can use.

yesterday I got together with Cathy and Carrie.  We all used our Accucut And prepped quilt kits.  I cut out little animals to Applique - cow, pig, squirrel,  owl, bunny, raccoon, mouse, frog, and koala.   And now I realize I could do a chick, bear, and a duck.....hummmmmm....I may need to do more.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


I was thinking of a small gold border or even just binding it in gold.  Don't have enough of the brown for a border.  Working from stash here.