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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1163776 views.

From: tuckyquilter


I am "aided and abetted" by friends with grocery sacks.. LOL. they toss 2.5" or larger pieces in bags as they sew along.  They know I will find a use for what they don't use.  AND when I'm finished with my trimmings, they go in my decorator cloth pillowcase lined trash can, that ends up at another friends home to make into dog beds.  

Just tell folks you want their scraps over a certain size and see what happens.  

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Nice idea.  A controlled scrappy quilt.  I'm trying to use up my scraps. (May not live long enough)  I keep making more.  I just joined the Mystery quilt by Joy on FB.  I've done the 4 patches and started on the strip blocks at a small quilt retreat this weekend.  Only 5 of us up in Pinetop, AZ.  Also took with me some "crossing canoe" blocks that I cut on an Accuquilt machine that my daughter got me for Christmas.  I never would have done this if I had to cut them myself.  The fabric I had only made 17 blocks.  I'm going to finish them into a bed runner for our King-size bed.


Also added a gold narrow border to the Schooch Over quilt that I thought needed to be brightened up a little.


Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


I like your scrappy...

Hurrah for nice neighbors...

we had pork chops with Hawaiian pineapple sauce (made in the InstantPot) and flourless brownies topped with cream cheese and crystallized orange powder...Life is good here too!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


ohh...sounds like fun! like those crossing canoes - you could alternate the blocks with a different block if you want a bigger quilt...

like the gold border on the scooch quilt


From: latterberry


I'm glad you had such a good day with yummy food and great quilting.  I love your scrappy quilt!


From: latterberry


Love your two quilts!  I've always admired the crossing canoes and yours is beautiful!

Love your 16 patches with snowballs! Very bright, fun and cheerfull.

Cathy love the crossed canoe! The gold border on the other quilt looks great.


From: Mishii


I actually did some quilting this weekend!  I did not touch my computer one single time yesterday.  Woot!

I finished the quilt on the frame, loaded and finished another one, loaded and started the 3rd.  Will finish that in a minute.  A couple of these were Bonnie Hunter so just a swirly all over pattern since you can't see the quilting in all the piecing.  I only have 3 pieces of backing left and then I will have to start piecing backings.  Booo.

I have to reload the 1st one, wah.  The threaded blended perfectly that I didn't notice I missed 2 small areas of quilting that was on the printed fabric.  Only noticed it on the back.  Will take longer to reload it than it will to fix it.

Now I have miles and miles of binding to make.  I really have to start making the binding with the top as I tend to use the leftover fabric in something else so then I don't have any of the fabric left for binding.  Poor planning on my part.

Mishii said:

I really have to start making the binding with the top as I tend to use the leftover fabric in something else so then I don't have any of the fabric left for binding. Poor planning on my part.

I came to that conclusion a long time ago. I realized that if I cut and sewed the binding during the piecing portion of the quilt that I would never have to figure out an alternate plan again. You just have to be careful to put the binding where you know where it is. It is really nice to finish quilting and be able to have the binding sewn, pressed and ready to go. Just love that!