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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 331313 views.

I finished quilting 3 quilts on the longer for a friend last week. Now I need to put on something of mine.

I made a 4th pair of pants out my my now well used pattern. This pair is in rust just in time for Fall. I just need to hem them. 

I have made slow progress on the applique border of the mystery quilt and have another quilt to design some applique for.

I want to sort and cut some scraps for some piecing projects as I have 3 large scrap bins out of control.....need to fix that.




Too cute Lynne, what did you use for the people in the door?


From: latterberry


Thanks!  I have a healthy supply of novelty scraps and just picked out kids, pets or characters.  Several repeats.  


From: Midkid5


Your quilt is cute.  Are you keeping it to remind yourself of a historic year or gifting it in the hopes of finding "normal"?



From: latterberry


Thanks!  I do believe I'll keep this one as a reminder, although this year will be hard to forget.




Love it!  Did you have a pattern?  Looks like a flying goose for the roof and 3 rectangles for the house, then the door.  I have plenty of scraps, might have to do something like that!!

I'm getting ready to start a new forever project....   My needle turn is getting near the end, only 4 more small sections to go.  

I've been thinking about trying Aunt Millie's Garden, at least 4 blocks but not the entire quilt.  And use the plaid for background with red applique.  Am I crazy?  - never mind -  don't answer that.  I am going to cut out the pieces for 1 block and look at it for a while.  I want to try and mix applique with some pieced blocks but am struggling a little to envision it - need to go pintrest hunting.  This will eventually be for my red loving daughter.

Dee we are all crazy. If you will enjoy working with the pattern and those fabrics the j..ump in. Since the pandemic I have really gotten back to applique. I love the slow hand stitching and organic shapes.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


love those colors...I think I would even try to work in the background color of whatever its laying looks good!

Very nice!! You're working away! Love this one :)