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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 900492 views.

From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


making progress.  Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I like the QST with the gray/beige strip much better.  Next round is some square in a square with a variety of plaids.  After that I'm thinking some 4 or 9 patches.  I am not making much of a dent in the red fabrics really.  I did go buy another handful of beige Fq's and a yard of the beige that matched what I had, mostly because i knew my LQS had some and I think I'm going to want to use it as a resting strip again.

There are quite a few companies that sell these. The commercial ones are not well made or they sell you a cheap diy kit. After looking at those DBIL said we could make a better one cheaper. Ours would not be a good one to sell because it is very custom, labor intensive and there are so many different RVs out there. 

I did get the last panel sewn today. DBIL and DH will get them installed and there will be a few tweaks and about 2 or 3 more seams.

The resting strip is really perfect!


From: tuckyquilter


Yes, that is my short bed 301A.  I'm a vintage kind of sewing gal.  I also have a long bed 301A,  two 401A's, a 1974 Kenmore, 1952 Featherweight, 1910 Redeye Treadle, 1967 Singer 600 Touch & Sew, 415 Janome (worthless as can be and lives in the garage) and a 1938 White Rotary that is actually my oldest (age 8) grand-daughters machine.  The White Rotary belonged to Amaya's great-great Aunt on her daddy's side of the house.  Aunt Donna is her great grandmothers sister and is still alive.  Amaya got to meet and visit with her often when they lived in NY.  I like family heirlooms when possible.

One of the 401A's was my mother's and I used it as a young sewing gal. When she died I got it.  Would LOVE to know who has my grandmothers treadle that I learned to sew on. No one seems to know. My mother was so lazy she just told the people to go in and take what they wanted.

I have 4-5 machines set up in my living/dining room at all times.  That way when folks come to sew they don't have to bring their own if they don't want too.  I live alone, mostly only have neighbors & sewing types visit I PAYED the mortgage so I can live how I want.  My motto:  Doors unlocked, Coffee is hot or can be in minutes.. Come on down.  My neighbors know that if my blinds are wide open, I'm open for whatever.  LOL

I love my retired life... I really do.  Planning another road trip next year to OH to visit my son & family. Will visit friends along the way as it's a 2500 mile trip. BUT I love the scenery and the drive.  This time I'll drive alone as it fits me better.  Harder when you have others along.  Like last year, I'll rent an SUV and take the remaining items I want Scott to have from me.  I want it all done before I die at at point.  

What kind of industrial machine are you using?  Sailrite, perhaps?  

I think it is Naykijamia, might have spelled that wrong. It is  a heavy duty industrial with a very cool walking foot. He has about 7 different brands of machines and they all serve different purposes and do different things. Pretty cool shop. 


From: latterberry


Sounds like you have quite a herd of the old gals.  Same here.  Four set up in my sewing room, two in the family room we never use in the finished basement and one in my bedroom.  Three of those are my 15-91 which are my go to machines.  The 301, 99 and Featherweights get to come out to play too.  My nonquilting neighbor calls my basement the sweatshop.  I do have one modern plastic machine that I might as well get rid of because I can't stand the sound when I use it which has only been a couple of times.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


that does found fun.  I took a class in college that half was upholsery and half was refinishing.  Loved that class, still use the skills.  They had a big industrial machine but I don't remember a walking foot.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


what next?  I'm playing around with 9 patches but not real excited about them.  thoughts?  I had to add an additional red strip to get the math to work out right for the square in a square blocks going around. I think it's long enough but I want it wider so this next row may just be on top and bottom.

It's beautiful, but it's pretty "busy" already - maybe needs something calmer for that border.  I like just the simple lighter plaid there, without the cute little 9-patches.  JMO.