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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 895156 views.

What kind of industrial machine are you using?  Sailrite, perhaps?  

I think it is Naykijamia, might have spelled that wrong. It is  a heavy duty industrial with a very cool walking foot. He has about 7 different brands of machines and they all serve different purposes and do different things. Pretty cool shop. 


From: latterberry


Sounds like you have quite a herd of the old gals.  Same here.  Four set up in my sewing room, two in the family room we never use in the finished basement and one in my bedroom.  Three of those are my 15-91 which are my go to machines.  The 301, 99 and Featherweights get to come out to play too.  My nonquilting neighbor calls my basement the sweatshop.  I do have one modern plastic machine that I might as well get rid of because I can't stand the sound when I use it which has only been a couple of times.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


that does found fun.  I took a class in college that half was upholsery and half was refinishing.  Loved that class, still use the skills.  They had a big industrial machine but I don't remember a walking foot.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


what next?  I'm playing around with 9 patches but not real excited about them.  thoughts?  I had to add an additional red strip to get the math to work out right for the square in a square blocks going around. I think it's long enough but I want it wider so this next row may just be on top and bottom.

It's beautiful, but it's pretty "busy" already - maybe needs something calmer for that border.  I like just the simple lighter plaid there, without the cute little 9-patches.  JMO.

I have to agree, there’s no place for your eyes to rest. Have you tried a couple solid borders? IMHO also 

Not all the industrial machines have a walking foot. The one I am using for this project is DBIL "heavyduty" as the fabric is quite heavy and quite the challenge to feed thru the machine. It is some kind of heavy vinyl looking and has no weave, so it will be wind and waterproof. The thread I am using is extremely thick as well and is on a mega huge industrial spool. I finished the last panel yesterday so my part is mostly done. DBIL said there will be a few tweaks as he does the installation but those should not take a huge amount of time.

I agree with Jonna. Put a simple plain, more of the creamy beige. Maybe add in some straps of the red. You could do the 9 patches in the corner and add three borders coming off the nine patch. 


From: tuckyquilter


I'd say we are blessed women, to have a stable of metal machines.  They WORK all the time for the most part.  My plastic Janome is a mess. It's in the garage until I decide what to do with it.  I "should" have put it on the trash hauler's truck when I had some larger items taken away.  But I forgot.  LOL 

I sew mostly on my 301"s, 401's and my featherweight, although they all make me happy.  Now back to the fabric.. it's screaming my name.. LOL  

I took time away from the sewing to make a huge pot of veggies/beef soup.  My freezer is empty of all soups and winter is almost here.  I love having two serving baggies of soup "on the ready".  I do the same with pasta dishes too.  AND my Chili Relleno Breakfast casserole.  Cut that puppy into 12 servings and never have to worry about breakfast. I do the same with waffles.  I'm big on cooking once so I have meals on hand. 

I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet.. If there's a softer easier way to do something.. by golly I try to find it..

Hugs for the day.