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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 670849 views.

From: bornblesse2


I am working up small quilts and a kits using up some flannel from the guild I belong to.   Today I got backing ready and batting spliced together.  Yippee!

but, the scraps are not yet gone.

bornblesse2 said:

but, the scraps are not yet gone.

No matter how much I try to use the scraps they keep as in I have more and more!!!!

I am going to try to cut some scraps when things warm up a bit, I have several bins and will just work on one at a time.

Thank you :) I look when she posts it, and seem to always forget to save it.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


I spent the day organizing my documentation.  My novelty blog, my novelty excel file and my physical scrapbook binder are all up to date and in sync now.  I didn't realize how far behind I had gotten, I had not printed any photos in over 3 years.  I also compared all 3 sources and identified the remaining quilts that I had not put in the blog yet.  Yesterday was a busy day.  I still need to go through and print off photos and make a few notes on my non-novelty projects.  I had not done anything on that other than phone photos and the excel list since 2017.  Yikes.  I've blogged on a few of them on the novelty blog but I'm not comfortable having the only documentation be virtual.  Based on the excel list there are about a dozen but I want to go through my phone photos and make sure I've not missed something in the last 3 years.

I've also started thinking about my purple/gold reverse applique table topper and how to finish it.  I think I'm going to try Ami's idea of the looped binding.  But first I need to quilt it.  The last reverse applique was machine quilted but I wasn't all that pleased with how it turned out and this one is even more closely appliqued.  So I've decided to hand quilt it.  I kind of enjoyed the little bit of quilting I fixed on my black & white quilt this weekend, still have 3 more sections to do.  But once that is done, I'm going to sandwich the topper and put it in my lap frame.


From: NanaSuz


Lynne, It's been so long since I've been on the forum that I have forgotten some things. Is there a thread for talking about new things we have seen or learned? I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I saw a wonderful guest on The Quilt Show yesterday and hoped to share her with the ladies in this forum.

Thanks so much, NanaSuz


From: judyinohio


NanaSuz, any time you want to start a new topic on the forum you go to the top of the page and click on the small navy blue box that says "+New Topic" in white letters and that will open up a new box for you to start a new topic.

(At least that's how it looks on my desk top iMac computer.)


From: latterberry


I really don't know!  Just start a new topic and don't bother what thread to put it in.  It may be wrong, but that's what I do.  I would love to see what you have to share.

I finished my first upcycled top today and just screaming love it! I will wait till I finish the second one to take pictures and post both on my blog as they will be exactly the same. I sewed the body of the top together last night and tried it on and was meh! This morning I worked on the collar and then after lunch did the sleeves. I had to pick on sleeve off and do it again. I also watched a YouTube video on how to french seam the sleeves and the inside of this shirt has no raw edges and looks as pretty as the outside. One bonus was that I kept the original buttons and front placket so that did not have to be redone. Now I want to start right away cutting out the linen shirt but have some work to do so might cut it out tonight. I just want to finish sewing by Friday when I drive back to Colorado.


From: judyinohio


I am getting ready to ship the scrappy quilts I made for my granddaughters in 2012 off to Maryland because it is time for them to graduate from high school. Here's one of the quilts to jog memories for those who listened to me moan and groan about all of the "leader and ender" piecing of 2.5 inch squares over a two year period that was needed to make TWO similar but different quilts for the identical twins my son blessed us with.  kissing_smiling_eyes   (Those dark squares are navy blue, not black.)

With all the ho-hah over travel restrictions for them I'll never get a chance to give the quilts to the girls in person so I am going to trust FedEx to do a good job of transporting them over the mountains this week ....

Judy I do remember you working on those quilts for your pretty young grandaughters. Whow they are ready to graduate! They are really pretty and hope the girls enjoy getting them.