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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 607710 views.

She likely gets up at 6am and goes nonstop till midnight.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

6am and goes nonstop till midnight

well not quite.  But we did have another late night group of folks.  Last night we were up until 1 and I was up at 7:30 because breakfast is at 8.  I had to chuckle at one lady who said she doesn't understand why the early nighters sleep so much.   I figure I can sleep at home.  As always the best conversations (and laughs) happen late at night.  And I did tell them my breaking the door story.

It does save some time having a "MOM" to cook and clean up after you.  And the fact that there wasn't any place to go shopping other than the small store on premises.   But I'm guessing it was very similar to the retreat facility that you guys went to last year.  I only have the hotel to compare it to.  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


the latest progress photo of my EPP project ...  What you're seeing here is the diamonds around the circumference.  Half of the diamonds are in portrait orientation and the other half are in landscape.  (ummm .. not all diamonds have been stitched yet).  They are just pinned to the background design wall at this point.

Once stitched to the center, a final brown edging around the very outer edge of hexies goes on.   Then, I need to find a background fabric for this to be appliqued onto.  I gotta say, I'm really loving this color palette.

It's getting there!  :-)


From: latterberry


Well, that is just the very cutest quilt!  Does your daughter know about it or will it be a surprise?

Wow it is really growing! It is gonna be amazing.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Thanks Lynne.  It will be a surprise.