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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1082657 views.

From: LindaPutt


Thanks Ami.  Both Rick & I tested positive for Covid this morning.  We both feel lousy. 


From: Midkid5


Your quilt is a gorgeous piece of art.

Do hope you and DH both have very mild cases and are able to be back to full health quickly. Praying for both.


I've been taking a 3-part (6 hours) Drunkard's Path class by Pepper Cory.  I just love her!  Parts 1 and 2 were on Saturday and Sunday, and Part 3 will be this Saturday.  I have done some smaller DP blocks before, and I am familiar with curved piecing, but Pepper has a slightly different take on it.  What I wanted from the class was the content about choosing fabrics, variations using the basic DP block, and how to use contrasts between light and dark, complementary colors, large-scale and small-scale prints, etc.  "Homework" after the first class was to create one or more blocks of whatever variation we liked.  I have been wanting to use some of my Asian fabrics, and the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" variation seemed like it would be a good way to use them.  The first picture is my first test block, and the second picture, I was just playing with one of the animal designs - a stylized bird.  I guess I had Edgar Allen Poe on my mind when I made that RAVEN.  (The beak was not in the original block; I added that myself.)  With Halloween coming up, I think I can also modify that block to represent a BAT -- with a much smaller tail section and two little prairie points for the bat ears.  LOL  I think I will just add some more Halloween fabric from my stash and make it a wall hanging.  Or maybe the raven will be a wall hanging all by itself.  I could call it "Nevermore."  haha  

I wish I had more of that black TOT fabric, because I think it kinda looks like feathers.  


So sorry! Hopefully you have a mild and quick episode. It is so not fun being sick.


From: judyinohio


Oooh, I'm jealous!  I would have liked to take a class from Pepper Cory back in the day when I was able to go to shows and take classes. I've always liked reading stuff she's written for books and magazines because she seems like a very wise woman.

I've always remembered Pepper's comment in one article;  "Never quilt a a bedcover to cardboard"  (or words to that effect) as a warning to never over-quilt a quilt.

I decided to donate some of my I spy tops for the guild to sell in our "country store" in our quilt show in September.  So I started quilting.  And since I had 9 yards of backing loaded, I just kept going.  $ quilts quilted.  I tried a new edge to edge pattern that the designer called filaments - once I figured out how to "travel", it was lots of fun.  And doesn't it look happy on the colorful quilt!  The pattern is basically 3 loops or "L's then underlined with arcs.  I wanted something that wasn't flowers.

here's the stack.  Now to get them bound.


From: judyinohio


Those are very clever "unisex" quilts you were able to get quilted in a short time. Well, the binding won't exactly be a breeze, but you have plenty of time to get those bound before your guild's show, I'm sure.

Looks like a fun quilting design. Looks like you be having a binding marathon.

Well, of course this class is an online class, and we are attending via Zoom.  There are 10-11 of us taking the class, and we are getting a very nice close-up view of Pepper's quilting shed, which is quite impressive.  I have been "Facebook friends" with her for a long time, but I have never taken a class from her before.  But I do love to watch her videos on YouTube, and she IS a very wise woman.  I could listen to her for hours as she talks about quilting in general, and her quilts in particular.  I am really enjoying this class.  


From: MelRN


Linda, your work is just amazing!