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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 892452 views.

From: YDritch


So envious.  I'd really like to start a sample block but I'm buried with other things right now, and then the cruise.  I'll be lucky if I can start in October.

I decided I didn't want to sew the blocks together yet.  So in the interest of working on UFOs, I'm working on someone else's UFO.  A lady in one of the local guilds donated 9 red/white/blue blocks to the veteran quilting lady.  I told her I'd take them and put them together into a top & quilt it.  The 9 blocks weren't enough for the size needed so I made 3 more blue stars.  I used my new Simple Folded Corners ruler and it really was pretty slick.  Very easy to copy the original star, no measuring, just trim and sew.

I've been wanting to use this sashing and thought this would be a good use.  I'm using up blue scraps from backing fabric but it is taking a fair amount of white fabric - good use for that wide backing from CT.  

Love the star quilt you are finishing.

I pulled out a UFO project the other day and realized what bright for my current taste. It did have some solid Kona black so figured I could add more black.  I looked in my bin of solid fabrics and there was a pathetic amount of black scraps. We had to service our car in Boulder yesterday and they have a JoAnn Fabrics so I went over there and got 5 yards of Kona black with my 40% coupon. The hand of the fabric was a bit thinner but I just got it anyway. Now I am excited to work on this medallion style UFO again.

it is satisfying to pull out something that's been "Aging" for a while and make it into something you like.  (Sow's ear ====> silk purse).  I decided there wasn't much difference between a donation quilt for a kid vs a veteran (grin).  and the veteran may appreciate it more.  But geesh, I don't have much red in my stash.  I need to check with the lady who coordinates this.  She generally gets patriotic wide backing, I'm guessing she's got a stash of long strips cut from the edges.

Sounds like you might be able to get those scraps from her. 

Reviving and moving UFO's from PIGS to Flimsies is always a good thing. Over the past several years I have finished all but 2 projects I started ( one is a kit taken to retreat and the other is blocks made from another retreat kit, they will be taken to the next retreat ready to go). I have also finished quite a pile of UFO's.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Well I've officially decided, borders are my least favorite thing to do.  I love the piecing, but once the blocks are together I really dislike figuring out the borders.  ugh.  So these two patriotic quilts are pieced, but I'm waiting for border scraps from the coordinator to put on the borders & then quilt.  All I have is a dark navy which doesn't do anything for either of them.  Hopefully she'll send me something I can use as I would rather not go shopping.


From: LindaPutt


Love them both, Dee.  The top one looks like it already has enough of a border to me.  I'd call it done unless you're trying to get it to a larger size.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


thanks Linda.  They both need to be about 8 - 10" larger, thus need borders.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


While waiting for the border fabric, I went back to the embroidery on my wall hanging.  Only a couple more berries to satin stitch, then I need to decide if I'm going to do any more embellishing, perhaps on the butterflies.  I'm also thinking about an interesting edge treatment.  I think I will do curved corners, maybe even a shaped edge on the sides, kind of like a plaque.  It's small so I can get fancy.