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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1088629 views.

From: MelRN


I made this as my first bed quilt. I tried to size it down and didn't realize how quickly it multiplies so it's an awkward size. LOL!!! 


From: tuckyquilter


I have been on the road traveling since July 30th. No sewing but did pickup some great QOV fabric at a store in Ohio.  My roadtrip has been a blast, from SoCal to Michigan.  11 states enroute, but taking a straight route home.  

Wow I would have never thought of using the larger print!   

I just went to Bonnie Hunter’s Blog. Yes! Her instructions for the MM are so clear! Thank you I’m printing it out now. That would be a good scrappy pattern for our quilting group here where we live. Thank you Ami for the direction. 


From: fatsewcat


Just jumping in here.  Haven't been on the the forum on any kind of a regular basis for a few years.  Glad to see some familiar faces still hanging out.  I am currently working on 13 quilts for some co-workers.  Two started out as just because gifts for the ladies in the office, then it grew to two more for the retirees, then I said, oh what the heck, I'll just make everyone a quilt.  Couple of people later, I have settled on 13.  4 1/2 of which are done, four presented, one (the 1/2 of the 4 1/2) I decided to keep for myself and will have to remake for the original recipient.   The colors match my bedroom so I decided I am going to add some more borders to it  to make it fit my bed then keep it.  

This weekend, I finished up #6, started #7 and #8. Replacement fabric for number #7 (Pink Floyd) will be in this week and then it should go rather quickly.  I'm ready for the borders and some applique on #8 (Pokémon - yes its for an adult . . . it's what his dad gave me as an idea for him for so that's what he's getting . . .lol) then I can work on to the rest.  But anyway, not your traditional style of quilt but for a huge Grateful Dead fan so here is the one I just finished (this picture doesn't have the final black border around it) and as I make more progress on #7 & #8, I will post pictures of them too.  The rest of the quilts will follow a more traditional pieced style of quilting.  And I'm ready for a break from applique.


  • Edited September 6, 2023 2:51 pm  by  fatsewcat

You are most welcome. Hopefully you enjoy making this pattern. I have made it 4 times and am already planning more.

Wow 13 quilts. Sounds like you have been making good progress. I bet the recipients are excited.


From: latterberry


What fun!  That's a lot of miles to drive.  

safe travels to you


From: latterberry


13 quilts?  That's ambitious.  You must have some really nice coworkers to make specialized quilts for them.