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puzzle christmas   Off-Topic Chat

Started Jan-29 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 3998 views.

nothing to do with quilting, other than the part of my brain that loves quilting also loves jigsaw puzzles.  Our family developed a tradition when the kids were small to do a puzzles during the Christmas holidays.  As video games took over my son & husband's attentions, they have drifted away but DD and I still will usually find one to do.  My sister knows this and sent us a new one as a gift and told us to open it early.  But then my son for some reason decided we needed a bunch of new puzzles.  So that's what he bought me and what he asked sister for.  And so it was a puzzle Christmas.  My back and my butt haven't recovered yet.  I did start doing them on my pressing board, handy to spin it around to work on all sides.  And son & daughter did help some.  Now I'm back in my sewing room

from my sister

good grief, how many blue shadows can there be!

2000 pieces!  but I did not give up.

just finished this one - though this is a picture of the cover - DD helped me do this one while she was home this weekend.


From: Midkid5


My DDIL always has a new puzzle to work on after Thankgiving dinner clean up is done.  One year I gave her a small bag of sawdust with a picture attached. It said for the jigsaw puzzle expert on it



From: judyinohio


Those are lovely, sensible puzzles.  I really like the one with the book titles and the one with the hot air balloons is tremendous!  Super duper bunch of puzzle solving.

DH bought me a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble for Christmas and when we went there on January 21st I browsed the books (bought two) and then hit their jigsaw puzzle department.  I was uncertain about this one.

I asked the store manager to remove the shrink wrap around the box so I could see if the puzzle had more than "two-innie, two-outie" pieces.  If it was only those shapes I would not have bought the puzzle but it did have some peninsula pieces and some three outie pieces so I went ahead and took the plunge.  It is a killer of a puzzle but thank goodness I do not have to rush and Misty the Kitty never gets on the table to mess around with puzzle parts.

I must be some kind of nut to work on this, right?  The green/chartreuse pieces are gonna kill me because there are so many of them.

well, that won't be too bad, but you'll need good lighting.  And looking at the box top certainly won't help. 

The dark castle was an odd one, it came with a full size picture, so we laid it down and did the puzzle on top, sort of how you can do a ghost image on the electronic puzzles.  And it was glued to a thin piece of balsa wood, with columns of letters printed on it.  When i was down to 2 sections of sky, I did cheat and look at the letters on the back.


From: judyinohio


Wow!  Where do you find puzzles like that (with letters on the back?)

I'll check the box for the brand.


From: bornblesse2


Wow!  That’s a lot of puzzling!

Amazon has several (of course).

the others are Buffalo puzzles.  I liked how the Buffalo fit together, though there are times where they appear to fit but don't - you have to really look close to see, but once they fit you can really tell it's right.  The pieces are your typical cuts, not a lot of "strange" ones, but not ones that are duplicates either - eeck I don't like those.

I was just looking at Amazon's other puzzles and saw something kind of funny.  I've been "snipping" pictures of photos that I thought we be fun electronic jigsaws for a few years now, to play on my tablet.  One of those pictures I snipped was a photo of a bunch of doors.  Well I guess someone had the same idea I did - there is an actual puzzle of the same photo.

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he also got me this one - Evil Child.  Don't know that one will ever get done.