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Looking for the Looky-Lous (and Larrys)   General Discussion

Started May-23 by Pirate (PIRATE_SR); 2187 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


.. and the Silent Sarahs (and Stevens) and the Reticent Rebeccas (and Roberts).

If y'all look at the bar at the top of the Discussion page, you'll see that there are over 6,000 members.  And yet ... WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU???   

As with any group, there are the really active participants and the members who kinda stay in the background.  The really active members are regular Chatty Cathys  and post stuff they are working on and have completed.   I can see where a new quilter might feel a bit intimidated by some of the photos of the amazing quilts.   In any group, there are going to be a vast range of skill levels ... everyone starts at the beginning.  Even the members who post amazing stuff.   And even those members STILL make simple quilts.  If you have read the Valley of the Sun thread, you would have seen the donation quilts that the quilt retreat participants worked on that weekend ... very basic, down to earth and simple quilts .... done by the same people who do the amazing stuff.

We'd really, really like to hear from the members of this forum who normally don't chat.  This forum is for all of us ... the amazing quilters and the beginning quilters .. and everyone in between.   

We'd like to see what you're working on!   There's a thread for that:  "What are you working on now?

Even though it may not look like it, we do have a general purpose, everyone's included discussion thread.  That one is "Valley of the Sun Quilters".   Don't be put off by the name of the thread!  It was started by the Phoenix area members but over time, it has expanded to the catch-all thread for everything and *everyone*. 

There is a category, "General Discussion" that you  .. yesl YOU! .. can start a conversational thread about anything related to quilting.    I recently started a thread about a new-to-me way of hanging quilts that didn't involve a full-length hanging sleeve.

There is a category, "Off-topic Chat" which is exactly what it looks like .... chatter about everything other than quilting (that's where the Valley of the Sun Quilters discussion is because it's not strictly about quilting).  There's another thread in that category about people griping about how winter is sticking around and we're mighty tired of it.  :-)

One of my all-time favorite categories is "Show and Tell"!  This is where everyone and anyone can start a conversational thread about the quilt they just finished ... or the one they are in the middle of working on .. or the one they've just started ..... or even the one they've given up on.   It is *so* exciting to see pictures of what y'all are working on .. and even the mistakes you've made.  I know that I've shared my dismal failures. :-)

There are other categories too .. you should look at them.

And *please* post!  We'd like to see some new posts from people other than those who regularly chat.   There is over SIX THOUSAND of us in this forum .... please speak up and say "hi"!    And then join in an existing thread or start a new one.

C'mon!!   Y'all can do it!  :-)


From: judyinohio


Well, there have been six thousand people who signed up to be members at one time or another but time marches on, Pirate, and some might have gone to the Great Quilt Shop in the Sky over the decades.

One name that pops into my mind is Hollis Turnbull, founder of The Stencil Company, who used to show up from time to time in my early days on this forum.  Have not seen him here in ages.

Another is Bunny F.  who got shut out after the transition from About to Delphi; she wrote to me in private emails about some technical glitch preventing her from posting on our new forum.

Then there's Donna D. who stopped posting after moving to a new life in California.

And Celeste L. who dropped out of sight after motherhood took over her life.

I suppose I could come up with other names if I squeezed my brain cells a little harder tonight but my main point is that some quilters gave up quilting for other interests and thus had their reasons for no longer hanging out with this crowd.

I've been on the About/Delphi forums since June, 1999 so I've seen plenty of quilters come and go.

I'll be excited to see how many you flush out with your posting, Pirate.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


judyinohio said:

I'll be excited to see how many you flush out with your posting, Pirate.

And that, my Dear Judy, was exactly the point.   New conversations with new people.   Let everyone feel encouraged to contribute.


From: Midkid5


Speaking of "missing people", have I missed posts from Marcia in MD, or has she gone missing?



From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Excellent post!!  Thanks for saying it so well and I surely hope more new friends participate and not just read!



From: latterberry


Well, said, Pirate.  I hope you have encouraged many to jump in,  I am amazed at the number of "views" a post gets even though there are very few replies.  So, lots of folks have been reading just not responding.  

I also wonder about some of the old members who were regulars, like Marianne in the Netherlands.   


From: MarciainMD


Here's a post from "Mum Marcia" or "Missing Marcia", whichever one you prefer.  I've stopped in a few times just to have a look at what's going on but because of some health issues since the beginning of the year I haven't had much time to chat.  I'm still quilting, though.  I made a baby quilt for the new grandson of longtime friends and now I'm working on two dog-themed quilts to thank two veterinary professionals who took time twice after work the week before Christmas to help me with our dog who was dying of cancer while my DH was in the hospital.  I hope to have both quilts finished in about a month.  I'll try to stop in more often.  It's nice to be missed.blush

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Hey, Marcia!   I'm so glad you popped in!    I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues and that of your DH ... and then your dear canine, as well!   What a traumatic time. :-(

Hopefully, circumstances have improved and you will find time to pop in here, even if just for a 'look what I'm working on'.  :-)


From: MarciainMD


Thanks Pirate.  I promise to stop in more often.

Marcia I am sorry you are having health problems. Glad you are getting some quilting done and hope you do say hi when you can. You have been missed.