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Updated my Novelty Blog - 8 I spy quilts in 2 months   General Discussion

Started 6/8/19 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 675 views.

I've posted some of the earlier pictures here, but thought it would be easier to point you to the blog rather than typing all again.  Getting lazy in my oldish age...

Hopefully the link will work


From: judyinohio


Dee, the recent update of yours is just awesome.

I had a mental picture of the eight year old girl taking her special quilt to the slumber party and it just made me grin from ear to ear ... I'll bet the other girls were just giggling over that wonderful quilt. 

What will you do with the llama fabric for your DD?  Placemats? 




When i read the title, I read 81 quilts!  I knew you were speedy, but was REALLY impressed by 81!!

They are all great!heart_eyes

WI'll go check these out later when I have time to enjoy.

Those are cute! I need to stop using yardages and dig into all my precuts. Might use some of your ideas! 


From: Mishii


I love looking at your I Spy quilts.  Always very motivating.

I've made a couple (ok more than a couple) for my granddaughter.  My daughter reports that the teachers at school are always so excited to see which quilt she brings that week.  It seems to be a highlight. :D 


From: MarciainMD


Your new quilts are wonderful.  I love the bright, happy colors and the patterns are perfect for the novelties.

In reply toRe: msg 7

thanks for reading guys and for the encouragement

He?re is what I made DD with the last LLama fabric.  I didn't guy enough of his to do anything for her.  If it wasn't pink I would consider it but she hates pink.  This fabric just made me smile to think of her- and it's a good L fabric



From: judyinohio


Woman after my own heart if she hate pink.

But .... she might make an exception for that adorable llama fabric mixed with lots of black, white, lime green, etc. with the llama stuff on the back where she cannot see it.  LOL