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More weird long arm problems   General Discussion

Started Jun-23 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 461 views.

Well it did it again tonight, top thread jumping out of 2 guides and the tension wheel thingy.  I had done 3 full passes with brand new needle, my old standby pattern with no problems at all.  then half way through the 4th row, I get the thread break warning, and there is the top thread hanging  completely loose.  It sewed about 4 inches before jamming and giving me the warning. On the top the stiches look fine but of course a huge mess on the bottom.  I am stumped. Only thing I can figure is maybe there is something in the tension wheels pushing the thread out?  Will try cleaning it tomorrow.

What kind of thread are you using?

Same thread that I haved used for years, so fine by superior

I would go thru your threading path very carefully and maybe have someone watch that path while you are sewing. A sudden pull on your thread can yank the thread out if it's path. With any kind of slippery threads I use a net over the cone. If the thread slides off the cone and gets caught on something it pulls and things happen. Not sure if this is your problem.


From: judyinohio


Have you changed the needle size?

Have you changed what you are using as bobbin thread?

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


floss out the tension disks (use unwaxed floss)......check the thread path for worn areas and/or burrs..check the needle holder - maybe its a bit out of alignment..or not tightened enough.. check bobbin is right side up (I had one that whenever it was the wrong side up made insane amounts of loops...), check bobbin is seated correctly and the tension is right on the bobbin - I have a drop in bobbin..and if I don't get the thread into the wee tensioner path, it can loop..or break the thread.. does the machine need oil or lubricant?

Just TRY to make loops though...and your machine will suddenly be uncooperative - I had an art quilt I thought having loops on  would enhance the design...nothing doing...ended up having to use yarn...

(these are just PFAs,....) hope something works for you....


From: judyinohio


How about the drop of oil in the bobbin case?


From: Mishii


Check your bobbin.  Did it wind funny?  Is there a microscopic piece of lint somewhere?  Is your bobbin itself warped?

In reply toRe: msg 8

Thanks everyone. I did take the cover off, found a tiny bit of lint behind the bobbin. Also flossed out the tension wheels. Confirmed needle size was right. Did notice my stitch lenth was a bit long, sloooowed down. Not sure which thing worked, but no more problems after that.  It is extreemly humid here right now, perhaps that contributed.