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What brand of machine is this?   General Discussion

Started 7/7/19 by sueinIL; 214 views.

From: sueinIL


DD's friend showed her this sewing machine, which had belonged to her mother.  I wish I could send a picture of it, but will have to rely on a description.  It is blue and white metal, has a kind of long, slender head.  The right end over the presser foot is vertically flat, not rounded or rocket-shaped. There is no badge on it now. Nothing electronic, all mechanical with a short belt on the right end beneath the wheel.  Can anyone tell what brand or age this might be?  I think she'd like to know whatever information you might have.  Thank you for any help!

Sue in IL


From: latterberry


Google "blue and white vintage sewing machines" and under images you will get lots of pictures.  See if one looks like it so maybe we could help a little better. I gave my DD  a vintage blue machine and it is the cutest thing.  I can't remember what kind it was though.  It was a 15-91 (Singer) clone though.


From: sueinIL


Thanks, Lynne, I had not thought of googling for it!  I'll let DD know and we can both look.  She posted a picture to FB, but I don't know how to get it from there to here.  Old brain, I guess.

Sue in IL