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Patty really gets around   General Discussion

Started Jul-8 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 1823 views.

Now Patty is at MY house, and WE are talking smack about y'all.  hee hee  But srsly, she is spurring me on to get better organized.  I gotta go.  She is cracking the whip.  Aaaaaa!  


From: judyinohio


Long time ago (like years ago) I remember you sharing photos of your home before the home you are living in now. You had enough "stuff" to qualify as a retail establishment 'way back then.

Patty must be a very brave person or a very good friend to tackle organizing you.

We are not going for FULL organization this visit, but she is helping me clear out some of the detritus.  hah!  She has been "neatening" my fabric room (formerly the bedroom) so as to make it easier for me to organize what is in the storage containers.  Earlier today we were discussing that because my place is so tiny, I do not have a place that can serve as a "staging area" when I am trying to organize.  So she is helping me recover useful space in that room and eliminating tripping hazards.  

But what we have done more of than anything during this visit is going through lots of new and gently worn clothing (many items still new with tags) and I am giving her a LOT of those for the women's crisis center where she lives.  We have moved a LOT out of laundry baskets and into her vehicle.  Score!   


From: Midkid5


So glad that Patty is willing to help you look at things from a different angle to be able to declutter to get better organized.



From: bornblesse2


JDO, so glad patty can come and help you move things, organize, and carry some excess for you!

ypu are right, having space to stage or work to organize your items/fabric will be really helpful!  Have  fun while you work!

Sounds like you and Patty are really getting a lot done. A second pair of eyes works wonders.


From: MarciainMD


It sounds like a lot is getting done!  How do you have time to enjoy yourselves?wink

Haha!  Even though we were working, we were enjoying ourselves.  We were going through piles and piles of clothes, and of course I had to try on all of the pants, jeans, slacks, etc. - tops not so much.  And I told Patty "Watching me try on these pants is just about as interesting as watching paint dry."  LOL  But she said no, no, it's fine.  The clothing donations were piling up, and we were entertaining ourselves the entire time, so we had a grand time.  Patty got in my fabric storage room (formerly known as the bedroom) and straightened up a LOT, clearing the floor space so people could walk in there again.  haha  Mostly we just gabbed the whole time.  I'm afraid I talked her ears off, and we rarely have any pauses where there is nothing to say.  We just got back from the thrift store (didn't buy very much this time) and had Mexican food for lunch, and she just now left for Houston to visit her GKs.  So it was a very productive visit, I must say.  We sorted out a LOT of boxes of stuff, and she got me jump-started on emptying out more boxes of stuff.  We took a small load of donations to the thrift store.  (We donate that load and then go in and buy more.  haha)  She left with a huge load of clothing, but almost all of that is going to the women's crisis center in her area.  So, it's a great win-win situation.  I still have a LOT to do (down-sizing in anticipation of moving next year), but she has given me the impetus to keep going with it and get it done!  Next BIG project is clearing out my storage unit, which has an exorbitant monthly rental rate, and several more boxes of fabric will be purged eventually.  You can't get in too big of a hurry with that at this time of year, though, because it is so dang hot out there!  I will have to go very early in the morning before it gets too hot. 

And Patty is very tolerant of my mess of an apartment.  Hah!  Not dirty, just messy and too much "stuff" in too small a space.  LOL  She puts up with me and my mess.   


From: Midkid5


Nice to hear that you both enjoyed yourself doing fun work. Glad that Patty could encourage and challenge you to continue sorting for down sizing.  Set a small goal and reward yourself when you accomplish it, that storage shed will be cleared out even in TX hot summer.



From: latterberry


Congratulations on getting so much done!  I bet it feels good to clear out some space.  I just collected 4 garbage bags of scraps and fabric I no longer want for a young lady that just got infected with quilt pox.  win/win again.