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You Just Never Know .....    General Discussion

Started 8/9/19 by judyinohio; 304 views.

From: judyinohio


Some years ago I made many quilts for Project Linus but then I had to give that up because of a change in corporate policy. Then in 2015 I made a total of four adult-sized quilts for the Hopes & Dreams program (for ALS patients) but then I decided to give that up because I found the shipping costs very aggravating.  Shipping from Ohio to Virginia was not cheap.

And then this arrived in my email inbox this evening accompanied by a photo of a lovely woman wrapped in my quilt while sitting in a rocking chair:

My name is  (name removed to protect her privacy).  I am 58 years old and live in (location removed.)

I was diagnosed with ALS on June 7th, 2019 after over a year of tests, etc.  I went to my first ALS clinic on July 25th at (location removed) where I will go for my treatment.

When I met with the ALS Association coordinator at my clinic she presented me with the absolutely beautiful quilt that you had made for  Hopes & Dreams.  I was so touched by this act of generosity and kindness to receive such a beautiful quilt from a total stranger.  

The tag that was on the quilt says it was made 10/13/15.  I thought to myself "wow"  she must have wondered who ended up with her quilt.

I wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful quilt.  It will certainly be cherished and means more to me than you will ever know.  

You are very talented and what a wonderful thing you are doing to make someone else feel so cared for and not so alone on this journey.

Her email brought tears  to my eyes and made me wish I hadn't been so stingy about shipping costs.


From: Midkid5


Oh what a wonderful story.  Maybe it wasn't your stinginess but a greater power saying they had enough quilts.  Your quilt did sit in storage for four years.



From: judyinohio


The folks at Hopes & Dreams had a "challenge" type of contest and it must have worked very well. They obviously had such a good response that their stockpile of donated quilts lasted a very long time.  wink

Ironic story is that I had made a quilt top for "Quilts of Valor" and then I read the rules for that group and realized my quilt top wasn't good enough for them.  Yes, it was a well-made quilt with patriotic colors but I had used fabrics from JoAnn's. The Quilts of Valor people insist on LQS fabrics only. Phooey. There is no LQS in my town, just JoAnn's and Walmart. I don't usually travel an hour north to The Door Mouse or an hour south to the big city shops in Columbus to buy fabric unless it is to hunt for a specific fabric for a specific project. Charity quilts get made from local fabrics, thank you very much.

So, I had a Mountain Majesties quilt top in subdued reds and blues on an off-white background. During a trip to a LQS in Columbus that was going out of business I bought a few packages of Quilter's Dream batting (because the price was marked down and just to give it a try) and inside this package I found promotional information about Hopes & Dreams for ALS patients.  That was my first donation to that group.

I later made three more for their challenge. And that's when I got annoyed about the shipping charges.


From: MarciainMD


Your story made my eyes a little wet.  It sounds like your quilt is really giving this woman a lot of comfort, which you must feel so good about.

judyinohio said:

Her email brought tears to my eyes and made me wish I hadn't been so stingy about shipping costs.

Wow! I can bet you had tears in your touching that she wrote you a letter of thanks!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Wow, how very special and kind of her to write to you!


From: latterberry


That certainly was a lovely heartfelt letter.  It made me feel good for you too.  I bet it was a surprise after all this time.  I'm with you on the Quilts of Valor program.  I was interested until I read their requirements.  Too persnickity.