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Is This Thing Some Kind of Bodkin? Or From a Craft I Have Forgotten About?   General Discussion

Started Aug-12 by judyinohio; 370 views.

From: judyinohio


Inspiration struck late this morning and I attacked the drawers in my sewing machine cabinet.  I found this thing.  The handle and cap are some kind of pearly-looking white plastic; the metal loop is quite strong.  What is it and how did it wind up in my drawer??  LOL

I also found the weights for adjusting the ceiling fan in this room, a one dollar US coin with James K. Polk on one side and the Statue of Liberty on the other side.  I found hundreds of straight pins in all the various types a quilter can buy (glass-headed, flower-headed, butterfly-headed, very long and thin, very short and thick, etc.) 

I found a total of nine seam rippers.

I also found my Curve Master foot and the light bulb clicked on over my head ... that foot makes a wonderful scant quarter-inch foot for old Cecil Faye when stitching a short straight seam! 

See what happens when you go to the lab for routine blood work  (fasting) and then stop at Burger King on the way home fora breakfast of French Toastix as your reward (along with some iced tea).  Get the energy from the sugar and caffeine going (along with the fudge from the neighbor's gift) and I'm just a bundle of energy today, cleaning out all of those little drawers and finding treasures I didn't know I had.

So what is that gadget in the first photo?

I also found plenty of little things to toss in the wastebasket.


From: latterberry


Is it a needle threader?  You stick the wire through the eye of a needle to help pull the thread through.  

I'm thinking maybe it's to pull yarn through a knit item, or fix a snag.  The large opening is to accommodate larger types of thread or yarn - maybe?  It would seem to big for a "regular" needle threader.  


From: judyinohio


But what kind of needle? 

Look at the size of this thing, Lynne.  I don't recall ever working on anything that would need a huge needle that needed threading with yarn ....

My knitting days were over and done with in the late 1980s. Maybe it was something I used back then. I certainly do not have any needle large enough to accommodate yarn these days ... gave all of my knitting supplies away long ago.


From: judyinohio


So I guess it is from a craft I have forgotten about . 

Another hole in my head .....   disappointed

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Yeah, that's what I think it is, too.

My guess for your white gadget is that it is a needle threader, like for yarn thru a yarn needle?

I have yarn needles and they are pretty big. You use them for crewl work which is embroidery with yarn. My German relatives all did that kind of craft and made beautiful things.


From: judyinohio


I used to do crewel work back in the 1970s and this gadget is too large for that.

I suspect that it is for repairing knitted garments.


From: sueinIL


Yep, we have that kind of gizmo as well as several others.  The white handled one is for pulling snags back into sweaters--or even golf shirts, of which we (meaning DH) have a colorbetized arrangement in the closet.  It's really too big to thread needles with.

Sue in IL