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Looking for scout fabric scraps?   General Discussion

Started Aug-19 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 633 views.

From: Judy (DJZMOM)



I have been busy and forgot (or put out of my mind) I needed to find the bin of BSA fabrics for you.  I'm so sorry!  Tonight I was wide awake for a bit so went into the sewing room and found the plastic bin.  Of course, it was at the bottom of a pile of other projects but I was able to pull a variety of fabrics.  They don't have much black or white background but I'll send you what I can.  So many are fussy cut they look like Swiss cheese.  Many have red, gold or some blue backgrounds but I'll send you some that perhaps you will cut and decide to pop in.  I also have couple of non-BSA fabric that has many motifs relative to camping and being outdoors.  I have 2 FQs each with a different background color so maybe one will work.  I ended up not using either in DJ's quilt but may use some for my nephew's quilt.  

I'll prepare to mail them by the end of the week.  Instead of cutting them to 4.5" squares I'll send a hunk so you can choose how you want to use.

Again, I'm sorry I'm so tardy with this!  The peace and quiet of night sure made my search an interesting one.  I found a couple of things I'd been wondering where I stashed them and able to put some other stacked items into my far cupboard.  That does feel better I even found a couple of UFOs I am reinspired to get back out and work on!  Thanks.


Thanks Judy. I really only need scout. I was able to find some at Hobby Lobby that had what appears to be a scout badge but I dont think it is officially licensed. I already have quite a bit of if camping related.  Of course I will take any you just want to "donate".

here's a picture of what I was able to find - does that look enough like scouting fabric that someone who really "knows" the Boy Scouts would be OK with it?


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


It does to me with trefoil, "Leaders Tomorrow" and "A Scout is Friendly" (one of the 12 points of the Scout Law).  I'll send a bit and you can choose to use or not.  Then you'll have some in your stash.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Hi Dee!  I haven't been checking in here much but finally did send you a bit of Boy Scout fabric squishy.  Did you received it?  Just wanted to say Hi and close the loop.

Sorry Judy. I keep forgetting to let you know. Yes I got them and thanks you so much. It came while the kids were home last weekend. I set the package down then completely forgot.  Sorry for my bad memory!