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Latest skirmish in the battle of quilter vs cat   Quilting Swaps - Unsewn

Started 9/9/19 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1119 views.

Many of you have heard my stories of my cat eating a needle & thread (surgery to remove) and yards & yards of thread off my quilting machine (more surgery).  Then pulling out stitches (and yes more surgery).  So I have to be diligent to not leave my machines unsupervised, uncovered, or else unthread the machine, shut the door etc.  I had noticed he seemed to be less & less interested in my machine and so I had hoped that perhaps he was growing wiser with age.  NOPE!  Last week as I was cutting up novelty fabrics, he was asleep in the rocker, DH asleep on the sofa.  I'm walking back and forth between the ironing area & cutting areas.  At one point, I uncovered my machine to sew a few pieces of scraps together, then went back to cutting.  On one trip back to the ironing table I felt something against my ankles.  I reach down and it's thread, thread connected to the machine.  And there is Ranger under the table, chewing on the end.  I grab the thread and try to reel him in (Not the best idea), it breaks and he runs.  I then go chasing him, finally corner him in the mud room.  He still has about 5 yds hanging from his mouth.  I gently pull what I could out of him before it breaks.  Sigh.  He had snuck up behind me, gotten on the table and grabbed the thread as it comes off the cone.  

DH & I had already agreed that we wouldn't do any more surgery.  So I spent the next several days watching him for signs of distress, and watching the litter box for signs of "resolution".  3 days later I find a definite wad of thread in the box.  And he seems to be fine.  But my lesson, obviously I still cannot leave my machine unwatched, even for a few minutes, even with me in the room.  So here is my solution.

It's not pretty but it hides the cone and that seems to be the biggest risk.  down at the needle the amount he could get is limited.  I'm still going to cover it when I leave the room, but at least this way I won't have to shut myself in the room alone.  darn cat!


From: bornblesse2


Oh my, what a rascally cat!   This may be why I don’t have a cat, my lap dog is plenty.


From: Midkid5


Oh what a cat.  Have you ever thought of trying taking an old spool or cone of thread, soaking it with something like Tabasco sauce and than letting Ranger have it while you watched him close.  We had a dog that would not leave something alone no matter whether covered or taped close so we finally sprinkled red pepper flakes around it.  One time was all it took never touched it again.



From: judyinohio


"But, Mommy, life is so boring with the other hoooomans not living at home any more and I have to entertain myself any way I can .... "  pouting_cat

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


mod podge scraps of your novelties onto it??

Silly cat...

something like that.  I glued some quilt themed wrapping paper to the big box that covers the whole thing.

it's not the spool, its actual threads.  I've caught him "extracting" threads from my scrap basket too.  We had some sheer curtains that he destroyed one thread at a time, catching a thread with his claws then slowly pulling it out then eating.  I don't see him living a particularly long life at this rate, but at least I can keep the obvious things locked up.

I don't understand the thread-eating thing at all.  After all, they are not mouse-flavored or sardine-flavored.  ;o)  Actually seems like they would not taste good at all.  I can see why they like to toy with the threads, but looks like they would hate having them in their mouths.  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Face it: the cat is a jerk.  :-)

Adorable but a jerk.