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I knew it wouldn't be fun but I did it anyway   General Discussion

Started Sep-17 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 798 views.

I last made this pattern from Picture Play quilts by Ami Simms about 12 years ago.  The fabric in the corners is made up of folded squares, sewn into each seam.  It's very fiddly.  But thinking about how to get the colors in the corners, sewing a bunch of tiny HST seemed kind of painful too.  And after all, I'm a much more experienced quilter than I I was 12 years ago, right?  It shouldn't be as bad as I remembered.  Right?  Wrong.  ugh.  I'm half way through, too far to go back.  I've sewn a bunch of 4 patches with a square in the middle, now to sew those all together with additional squares.  I'll sure be glad when I'm done piecing.  Quilting is going to be a bear too as I'll have to dodge all those folded pieces.  ah well, it's an experiment.

Maybe it could be done with a modified bow-tie block (smaller center square).  That would be fiddly too, but you wouldn't have to worry about the open folds when quilting.  


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Oh my goodness!  Great job but I don't envy you quilting that.  You are sure not afraid to tackle patterns and ideas I'd be overwhelmed with just considering!  


thanks.  I am planning on just doing a loose meander, avoiding the pockets.  I had thought about SID across them, but decided I spent too much work on them to hide them.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


An all over meander avoiding those centers will be challenging enough.  I haven't quite learned the "look ahead" of where you are stitching yet.  


From: nylaagain


Looks like a bow tie block.

I wont be quilting it for a while, so I may change my mind...

It looks like a bowtie block to me too.  There is a block called the "Ten Minute" block that involves 5 squares, only 3 seams and done in 10 minutes that is really the bowtie block when finished.  Here's a link to a demonstration..

I made several blocks using this technique just to see if the 10 minute time was true.  And yes, it only took 10 minutes to make each block.


From: MarciainMD


I had forgotten about that block!  It's great when you need a really quick quilt.  Thanks for sharing.