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sewing table   General Discussion

Started 10/3/19 by Mel Harris (MelHarris1); 1041 views.

Ok, I was using a vanity since I moved that my aunt gave me. Unfortunately, it's super tall, and I"m short. I love the piece, so I'll not get rid of it, but I need a shorter sewing desk. Got rid of my old faithful cause it was "non-reparable" according to a couple guy friends. I don't want to spend tons, but I need something that is better suited to a short person, but is sturdy...don't like any shaking when I'm sewing. Suggestions? 

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Two 2-drawer file cabinets, topped with a board would work.   Substitute anything for the file cabinets but be sure it can also be used as storage. They don't even have to match; just be the same height.  Put shims under one, if it's shorter.  

You'll want something multi-functional.

I used to dream of having a library with a built in desk and filled with books and a little window seat in the bay window. LOL!!!! Now I dream of a super large sewing room with all the right furniture and storage...:P

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


I have a double fold card table for my sewing machines.Serger one end and the other machines on the other end.

I have a heavy sturdy 3 ft fold up table from Staples. Hubby cut the legs off to the height I needed. Since the table is heavy, there is no machine vibration.  Ended up getting another for my Babylock I use to quilt on. 

I had a card table first and it jumped up and down as I sewed...but it was a normal one

I thought about one of those plastic tables like you use if you're serving a banquet, even...


From: Midkid5


Have you looked at the koala sewing furniture, they have an inexpensive table made for sewing machines.  I've seen similar ones on other sites some come with an insert some you have to order insert separately.



From: Mishii


I built one.  Very simplistic and as not fancy as possible.  Use 4x4 for the legs, a 3/4" thick top.....they will cut it to size for you or you can purchase a precut one.  They come in multiple sizes.  I'm a Home Depot girl, but Lowe's has all kinds of fun table legs and newel posts that can be used for legs.  I'm too cheap for that though.

Some braces for the can build them if you have scrap or just get some metal ones.

Set your machine on top, trace around it and cut out the hole.  Build a little shelf out of scrap to put on the bottom to hold the machine.  This stays stationary.

Sand, sand, sand and then sand again.   Paint/stain and you're done. Then shim to get your machine bed to be perfectly flat.

This is an afternoon project for me...mainly because I usually have to keep enlarging the hole because I'm paranoid about making it too big.  

It is sturdy and functional and you could probably make it prettier by getting fancy with the legs and/or routering the edges of the top.  It has the added benefit of being cheap.  Really cheap if you have any of the materials lying around.