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Possibly worse than running out of bobbin thread with 2" to go. ..   General Discussion

Started Oct-13 by sueinIL; 337 views.

From: sueinIL


is getting to the end of sewing on  a long strip of binding and getting to a corner where the diagonal binding seams are coming together.  What to do?  Let it get by in its lumpy state?  Ripping back and resewing the ends together in a new place?

Sue in IL


From: judyinohio


Yes to both questions.

I'm not being sarcastic here because it all depends.  Is this a charity quilt being donated to something like Project Linus where a child will not  notice if the corner is lumpy?  (It might taste better when the teething infant chews on a lumpy corner.)

Is this a gift quilt for beloved family member?

Flip a coin ... heads you let it go, tails you rip it back.  Judge your reaction to the flipped coin and go from there.


From: Mishii


Depends on how lumpy.  I would probably rip and resew.  That will only take a few minutes vs the many minutes it will take to fiddle with the lump and still not be entirely happy with it when you are finished.

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From: sueinIL


Not an heirloom, not for charity.  i just let it go and sewed it down.  Guess what?!  The same thing happened on the next corner.  In my impatient mood, I just let it be.  We'll see how much I regret that decision when I hand stitch the binding onto the back.  Yes, I know.  

Sue in IL

Or, sometimes I just want to round off the corners of the quilt and not have to worry about mitering.  That's also a possibility -- depending on where the quilt is going.  


From: Midkid5


Sue, if everything was press nicely as you went along you probably won't notice which corners have the extra diagonal seam.  I don't when this has happened to me.


This has happened to me before and I am the one that would take the time to do a bit of fixing like adding a longer strip or something to make that corner right. I am sure lots of quilters would just keep going and that us fine too, just not what I would do.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


hum...with two of them...maybe it will look intentional??

its always a gamble with binding! I tend to try to figure out where to start based on some rough measures with those seams...I clip them to the quilt to see if I am right about where to start -  a little extra fussing...but whenever I remember to do it, saves my bacon...

And that is exactly why I clip or pin it first. I want to see where those seams are going to fall.  A few minutes to roughly pin first saves lots of frustration later, gives me the opportunity to slide it a few inches either way and miss the corners


From: sueinIL


I'm doing that right now!  So far so good!  Have you seen the sign that says, "Measure twice, cuss once"?  So funny, but true.

Sue in IL