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Going to Houston with 2 non-quilters   General Discussion

Started Oct-13 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 259 views.

My older  sister agreed to go with me to the Houston Quilt show this year. She does not quilt but does sew and do other needlework. And has an artists appreciation. Plus a great sense of humor.  Then daughter decided it sounded fun so she is coming too-she has tagged along to many Dallas shows, I think she secretly enjoys looking at the quilts too.  So it will be a family affair.  Daughter going will help me too, so when sis gets tired they can go rest while I press on.  My sister has a lot of problems with her feet, so part of the agreement was that she would be willing to use a wheelchair. No way she could do all that walking. Fingers crossed it goes well. At least there will be lots of laughs.


From: judyinohio


I imagine that the three of you will have a jolly good time and there will be giggles galore.

I'd love to be a very small stowaway tagging along for the ride, eavesdropping on the comments of the non-quilters. 


From: Mishii


I really want to go to Houston and now that I live close enough for it to be a reasonable drive, I have considered it.  My concern is my feet.  I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to make it worth my while.  I'm worried that getting from the parking lot to the building would use up my allotted number of steps.  Still considering it though.

There will be lots of people there riding those little scooters.  They rent them just inside the entrance.  Well, you've been there, so you know that.  So she will be in good company.  

She told me she did not want to be another of the old women I have to take care of. I laughed and told her she would have to push herself then.  Of course I won't make her do that, it would kill her arms. But I will make her carry packages.relaxed

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It is worth it, at least once. If you get there early 30 minutes before they open, parking is easy. At least on Thursday or friday. The crowds are rough as the day goes on, Saturday you can hardly move through the shopping area.  It hurt my back after a few hours, had to find a wall to sit against and stretch. But you are a nurse, I thought you were on your feet at work?


From: Mishii


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

But you are a nurse, I thought you were on your feet at work?

Which explains why my feet are now ruined :)