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Lattice bright with B&W noveties   Show and Tell

Started Oct-14 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 337 views.

Well that's done.  I decided to just extend the lattice to complete the last circle all the way around and call it good - so no border on this one.  The really odd part is that at some point in using brights & making kits in the last few weeks, I apparently either used all of one of my few bright yellows or else filed it someplace weird.  I keep racking my brain and have no recollection of thinking - that's the last of that yellow.  But I could not find it anywhere - and it's not like a have a large collection of yellow.  And of course I needed a strip and two little triangles of THAT yellow.  I did finally find a piece of bias binding in my stash that was the right fabric and large enough - I starched it to paper stiffness, then basted the outer edge.  Really didn't want to substitute another fabric because - well that would break the pattern !  Gasp, can't do that....

Not sure when it will get quilted. This is the latest in my black & white novelty binge.  I only have 1 more idea for black & white and I'm running out of steam - not sure that one will get made or not.  I need to do some quilting now, the stack of tops in the closet has been growing.



From: judyinohio


Marvelous job on this one, Dee.  I'm so glad that you were able to locate the small bit of yellow that was required to complete the task ...

I suppose your DD and DSis will be burdened with the dreadful chore of helping you replenish your stock of bright yellow novelties while you are at Houston. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

It looks awesome. It is great that you found that strip of bias to finish it off.


From: MarciainMD


Another great quilt!  You come up with so many interesting patterns.

thanks Marcia (and others).  I think this idea came from Billie Lauer YEARS ago.  I made a blue & red version at an AZ retreat a long time ago but had not done another in a long time, thought I'd try it.  It's actually an easy quilt, just a framed square & a snowball block.  As always it's the color placement that makes it interesting.

I found the last one - made in Feb 2012 according to Google photos.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Wow, that looks so striking. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity for your I Spy quilts!