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Never ending ‘how to etc’   Off-Topic Chat

Started Nov-24 by mom1me2; 612 views.

From: mom1me2


I am wondering, before I try it and make a big tangle, if it is possible to wind nylon thread into a bobbin?  If you see a binding on using nylon thread for both the top and the bottom threads, will it hold or would I really mess up this quilt?


I have always heard that you can use invisible thread in the bobbin, but you MUST wind it by hand, and not by machine.  Otherwise, it stretches the thread and that causes tension troubles afterwards.  (I have even heard that with a plastic bobbin, winding it by machine can break the bobbin.)  I don't know if there is such a thing as bobbins pre-wound with invisible thread, but that is what I would use if you can get it.    


From: mom1me2


Thank you. I went and looked on Amazon... ol faithful.. and they have such a thing.  Pricey, but may give it a try. 


From: judyinohio


Nylon thread is a different animal from invisible thread which is a very fine polyester.

Be very careful about what you use.

I personally avoid nylon thread in regular sewing type use ... I think of it as fishing line ... and do not use it since more modern threads seem to be more user friendly.

Go to Superior Threads website and read about their selection of threads to avoid headaches and heartaches.  (Yes, they sell prewound bobbins of invisible poly monofilament.)

Other forum members will recommend other brands of polyester threads.  Just like there is no one perfect car for everyone there is no one perfect thread.  LOL


From: LindaPutt


Ditto what Judy said.  I've seen my own nylon thread with broken ends poking out everywhere when it was even still on the spool.  I don't think you can go wrong with Superior thread.

I had a bobbin break doing that.  the end just fell off.

adding my voice - if you must use invisible, use Superior threads version.  But why do you feel you have to use it?  Even if you quilted the quilt with the clear thread, doesn't mean you have to bind it the same way.  Use a matching color and no one will think twice.


From: mom1me2


My binding is a red print biased to a brown print... hence two different colors.  Brown will show up on red sections and if I use red, it will show up on brown sections...




I wouldn't worry about it, I would use brown and just go with it!


From: nylaagain


You could use a variegated cotton thread too.