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Setting the seams?   General Discussion

Started Nov-26 by sueinIL; 728 views.

From: sueinIL


As I sat mindlessly pressing the first several dozen of what will be 5,280 HSTs, I dutifully swept the iron over the seam before I pressed the triangles open.  I was "setting the seam."  What does that mean?  Will it go somewhere if I don't do it?  Is it really necessary?

Sue in IL

Why you should set your seams:

Just put on a good audio book or podcast, and press away.  Each batch will be done before you know it.  


From: latterberry


I've been setting seams for a long time only because I watched a lot of Missouri Star videos and Jenny always talks about setting the seams.  It does seem to help keep them from getting wonky.  Did you get the notice  that Bolines is having a big sale on Black Friday?


From: sueinIL


Thanks, Lynne, I figured it was sort of a traditional thing to press seams flat before open.  The wool mats are really good for that.

Yes, I got Becky's email.  Thought I'd wait til Dec.1st and kill 2 birds:  sale prices and getting card punched for a new month.  I do love their $30 gift certificates!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue in IL

Not sure when I learned to set seams. It is just what I always do.


From: tuckyquilter


I do it because it's supposed to help the threads and fabric lay better.  

Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)

From: Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)


But how do we know that?  (I'm a scientific method kind of person!)


From: tuckyquilter


No scientific proof to quote. However, when I don't set the seams they never lay as neatly a when I do.  Cause and effect at my ironing board.  I have also kind of thought that when I have to rip pressed seams, it's a bit harder than when the seam hasn't been pressed together. I might be wrong but it just feels like that is the case.

I'll be watching to see if anyone else comes up with new information for us.

I wonder if the heat softens the fibers so they fold over better.  That said, I rarely do it.  I tend to finger press at the sewing table.  So no setting seams there.  The only time I will do it is on borders and that's mostly because they tend to be wobbly and stretched a little after sewing so I want to flatten them before I fold over.