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I need help with HSTs   General Discussion

Started Dec-28 by sueinIL; 414 views.

From: sueinIL


I am making a quilt called Dusky Mountains, which is made entirely of  hsts.  I decided to use a cloud fabric for my background.  I dutifully cut 4 1/2" squares of landscape print and clouds, drew the center line and sewed on each side.  When I pressed them open, I realized that half of the clouds were now vertical.   I am having to throw out nearly a hundred hsts that aren't useable, at least in this quilt.   So I have made a big mistake I want to learn from.  I think any method of making multiples is now out.  Do any of you know a method or have a tip for making hsts with directional fabric?  


Sue in iL


From: sueinIL


Thank you, Mel!  Those were very helpful!  I am now laying every hst out on a spare bed to be sure that I get at least one that's useable out of every pair.  I just couldn't see continuing to waste all that fabric and time.  So I guess I'm taking more time, but ensuring a better outcome.  That sky fabric is the root of all evil!

Sue in IL


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Thanks for posting those links Mel!

Judy (DJZMOM) said...

Thanks for posting those links

No problem :) I love researching things!