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Happy New Year to you all!!   General Discussion

Started Dec-30 by GingerbreadG; 637 views.

From: GingerbreadG


Hi everyone!!

     I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  I haven't been online much or even sewing lately.  My Mom moved in with my husband & I at the end of the summer.  She has been slowing down being by herself since my Dad passed.  It just wasn't safe for her to be on her own anymore.  So...rather than a nursing home we moved her in with us.  My husband just retired too!!  So, it's been a busy life lately!!  My plans for the new year are to set aside time for me to sew, and do my online things I used to enjoy doing.  This group was always a favorite of mine.  I'm happy to see so many familiar names still here!'ll be happy to know your influence is still a big motivator for me!  I am back to working on my sewing room to get organized.  I started measuring and wrapping fabrics on the fabric boards!!  Got a LONG way to go, but progress is progress!  Thanks for your encouragement (even when you didn't know you were giving it!!) 




From: judyinohio



Happy creative New Year to you, too. It's so important to carve out time for yourself with the added responsibility of caring for your mom.

Is there a chance you could find easy work for her to do that will be helpful in your sewing space?

Or will you keep that room your sanctuary, your escape from the other people in your house? I know I've done my best to keep my room my neat and tidy "happy space" but I allow my DH in here for short spells as long as he doesn't interfere with my stitching or fusing or whatever. He has a chair he can plunk himself into but eventually he gets bored and leaves.

There are times I actually need DH in here because my left arm (broken and surgically repaired in August, 2018) is now my "bum arm" and it does not hold a long acrylic ruler very steady for long cuts with the rotary cutter.  So I have him come in here and hold the "far end" of the ruler when I need to make some long cuts. I kid him about finally being useful in the sewing room. wink

Gaillard nice to see you post again. I have had challenges pulling me away from quilting the last few years so I just do what I can.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


hey...nice to see you posting again!!

take care...hope you can get back to stitching soon...


From: MarciainMD


Hi Gail,

It's good to "see" you here again.  So often life takes us in different directions but I'm glad you were able to stop by for a quick post.  I haven't done as much sewing and quilting lately because of two surgeries.  But I hope to get back to it in the new year.


From: bornblesse2


Gail, welcome back!  I hope the new year finds you settling into a new routine that works for your family!

my DH has retired also, and it does change things.  Sometimes my sewing time is short bits, and sometimes all day.  So, sometimes I spent time organizing my sewing bits, and other times I just go in and sew.  I keep my project always ready to sew...... I hope you find a way to sew even just a bit.


From: YDritch


Judy:  A tip I learned was to put a small hand weight (mine happens to be 2#) on the end of my long ruler.  This keeps the ruler steady as you hold the end that's closest to you and make your long cut.


From: judyinohio


Thank you for that tip!

I have been doing that with the hand weights ever since I saw Donna and Matt Jordan doing it on their YouTube videos.  It works great!  


From: GingerbreadG


Thanks Judy!

  For the most part Mom likes to be here with me and watch TV.  So, I put on shows she likes while I'm in the sewing room.  The two rooms are connected with an open "doorway". They used to be a formal dining room and formal dining room.  We have a very large family room and kitchen so these rooms were "decorative."  Which in my mind means they are wasted space.  So, they became my sewing room with a sitting room!  I will work it out.  I realized that I'm spending too much time sitting...that's not good.  I have decided that I will make time for sewing.  It really does help keep me grounded.  Are you still doing your beads?  Sorry to hear about your arm.