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Serious Bleeding   General Discussion

Started Jan-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 316 views.

A quilty friend from my church had received 19 boxes of fabric from a guild member who was downsizing (?).  She invited a couple of us over to see if we wanted any of it before she donated it.  Most of it was floral stuff that I wasn't interested in but there were some tone on tones I liked, some reds & oranges that were nice and some browns (which I have very little) so I snagged those.  Just because I don't like living on the edge I decided to give them the Dawn soak before washing (HOT water for 12 hours+).  Oh my!  2 of the fq's must have been hand dyed.  They bled as soon as the water touched them, I'm surprised it didn't rub off on my hands before I put them in.  And look at the stain it left on my dish tub.  I had to use comet to get it off. Now that's bleeding!  Sooooo glad I tested before I threw it in with other fabrics.


From: judyinohio


Sometimes it is very, very good to look a gift horse in the mouth. Should we assume that the fabric that did the serious bleeding went into the trash?

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Lucky for you that you tested it.  You would have hated to see your hard work ruined.

I soaked it 3 times until the water was CLEAR.  Since I've started using the dawn doak process on almost all TOT's I'm amazed how many of them bleed at least the 1st soak.  There was also a nice med. blue from moda that bled the 1st soak too.  Now I'm kind of nervous about older fabrics in my stash.  


From: judyinohio


So how much does the color of the fabric change from beginning to the end of all the soaking processes?

In other words do you save a swatch (perhaps a four inch square chunk of the original piece of the fabric stapled to an index card and pinned to your design wall) and then begin the soaking process?

After multiple soakings you finally reach the point when the water runs clear.

How does the color of the final dry fabric compare to the beginning piece stapled to the index card? Is it paler, duller or more-or-less the same?


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Oh my!  I don't always wash but here's a good example of being smart!

I have not tested against a swatch but visually they do not look any paler. The idea according to the article was that you are suspending the loose dye that would have released anyway, you are just doing it safely before it settles on another fabric. The dawn keeps it suspended in the water to be rinsed away. But it is a pain, checking and refilling the tubs.


From: tuckyquilter


Smart Lady.  I soak all reds/deep blues and purples the same way before I wash.  Learned my lesson all to well some years ago.  I also was given 8 of those Home Depot Sq Moving/Packing boxes of fabric.   Most was not my style etc. Had a friend help me sort by colors and then I "opened my FREE SHOP" to friends.  All they had to do is stop by, grab a cup of coffee and pull for a project.  I still have lots left and remind them to Shop Jackie first.  

I am always grateful when others share with me.. So I share back.