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Started 2/2/20 by Misha (MISHAMISHA); 51017 views.

you should hear the Northern ladies when they visit AZ in Feb, wearing shorts and sandles when it's in the 60-70 degree range.  They think they are melting.  I just chuckle to think how they would deal with July & August.  But Nyla has figured out how to acclimate - I think she's just so grateful to not have any snow. 

Basically you learn to not go outside.  Or if you do, it's early.  We are supposed to hit 100 this weekend here.  The lovely spring days of walks in the evening are long gone.  Between the heat, humidity and mosquitos bigger than flies, I'm staying inside and appreciating the AC.  My son & DH are still tryiing to work in the yard but only in short spurts - outside for 30 minutes than back inside to recover.

My son is interviewing for warehouse jobs because that is all that seems to be available  - but boy those are HOT jobs in all respects.  I couldn't do it.


From: Midkid5


It seems as if it is more of a taste preference than a regional thing as to what kind of strawberry short cake people like.  I'm with your son when it comes to birthday cake, give me angel food.

It has been hotter than normal here in ND pushing 90s and high humidity 60% +, with severe storms just about every night.  Most of the damage is being done by straight line winds not tornadoes.  Saying this will be the "norm" the whole month on July most likely.


Yeah, those warehouse jobs are definitely for the young, who have strong backs and lots of stamina.  If I were his age, I would do it -- at least it's (probably mostly) indoors and there is AC!

I remember several years ago when there were many warehouse jobs in the "industrial districts" of Dallas.  One I applied for was for one of the major pattern companies (can't remember which one) - they had to re-stock patterns every day, because they served so many local businesses like JoAnn's and Hancock's.  At one job I applied for, the warehouse was so big that they let the workers wear roller skates to get around quicker.  That would have been fun BACK THEN.  Talk about good exercise!    Today there would probably be all sorts of OSHA and liability issues.  

Those cup-like cake things are more like spongecake to me.  I would also vote for Sara Lee pound cake, or for Strawberry Trifle made with angel food cake.  

I used to make this silly dish to take to potluck dinners and it was always liked a LOT.  It was trifle made with TWINKIES, Cool Whip, sliced strawberries, and that strawberry glaze stuff that you sometimes find in the produce section to make strawberry tarts and pies and such.  The TWINKIE TRIFLE is easy to make and always a hit at parties, but it's not for those who are counting calories.  LOL  

JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt) said:

at least it's (probably mostly) indoors and there is AC!

that's the problem.  Most warehouses there is NOT ac.  Yes indoors but only AC in the break room.  The dock doors are open for the trucks.  


From: bornblesse2


I hear ya Dee!  That 112 yesterday was a scorcher already at  just after 6 in the morning!  I didn’t walk very far!

good luck to your son on his job hunt!  My oldest just left to go resign his school position...sorry to say he got burned by the leadership during his work during summer care .  I have always known the leadership can make or break a school no matter how good the teachers are!

(ok, don’t ranting.....). The child is doing what he needs to do!  He “says” he will go back to school and finish his degree.  I hope so....but he hates! School!!!  But go figure....he loves it in the classroom esp with the young ones!


From: bornblesse2


Oh no!  I know about those winds!  I still remember the time lightening hit a huge tree behind our house in the pig yard!

but I digress from the topic of wind!  Those winds will bring down any old branches and anything at all loose!  Stay safe!


From: bornblesse2


I worked in a machine shop one summer!  Lol, the only woman except the lady janitor who sometimes helped pack boxes to fill her hours for the week.

oh those men loved to gather at my station and cuss up a storm!  Until I told them not near me....course then they came to see if they could get away with letting one slip! Sigh....

hardest physical job I ever had next to waitressing!  But I learned TONS with both those jobs.  Glad I had them.

well my son is now an Amazon employee, working on the cleaning crew in an AC controlled space.  Wish he had gotten off his butt 6 weeks ago but we have gotten a bit of work out of him at home.  Ah well.


From: KSCarolyn


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

you should hear the Northern ladies when they visit AZ in Feb, wearing shorts and sandles when it's in the 60-70 degree range.

I remember Linda Hynick and I use to laugh about those retreat attendees from the North that came in shorts and flip flops while we AZ gals were wearing corduroys and turtlenecks in February because it was 60 degrees.


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