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Started 2/2/20 by Misha (MISHAMISHA); 52745 views.

I still remember Marcia seriously having hot flashes, made me think I would NEVER want to live in Maine - I would freeze to death.  On a related note, when my sis lived in San Diego and would come visit in TX in the winter she would act like it was the frozen tundra when it was in the 50's.  I teased her that her blood had gotten thinned living next to the ocean.  Now she lives in ALBQ where it snows regularly in the winter.  She's toughened up some.

by the way, nice to talk to you.  haven't seen you lately.


From: latterberry


112??!!  I could not handle that.  I;m unhappy with anything over 75 degrees.  

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Midkid5 said:

strawberry short cake recipes

My DH likes the angel food cake best.  I like the sweet biscuits.  I use Bisquick to make them.


From: tuckyquilter


I prefer the sweet biscuit type cake base.  It's sweet, but does not overwhelming the strawberries.  and I like a bit of milk poured over mine too.

Oh, one of my fav treats is leftover cornbread with it's cereal. YUM!


From: tuckyquilter


Oh my yes.. and if you toast it first and add butter.. it's almost like a dessert.  I'm from Kansas originally and will eat anything.  This morning I had leftover spaghetti with a beaten egg added.. I mix and match more than my fabric.  LOL

I would not starve in any country..

Spaghetti with egg? YUCK! LOL!!! :P 


From: tuckyquilter


It tastes really good.  I also sometimes put leftover pasta (no sauce) in a skillet with oil, add green onions, garlic and stir-fry for a bit.  THEN add a beaten egg and keep up the stir-fry until the egg is cooked. Put in a bowl and top with parmesan cheese. Really good.  I saw this on an old cooking show some years back and originally thought YUK as well.  but tried it one day and discovered it's pretty good.  

I've eaten a ton of "unusual foods" over the years.  But found that if I eat first, ask later, my cultural bias doesn't kick in before I at least taste. I'm very adventuresome at the table.


From: bornblesse2


I might have to try a little pasta with my eggg!   Thanks for the idea!


From: Midkid5


So have you ever had fried oatmeal?