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"Cats in the Attic" Quilt is Finished!   General Discussion

Started Feb-4 by judyinohio; 838 views.

From: judyinohio


This quilt, created in memory of our nineteen year old cat that my DH loved dearly, is in the washing machine right now, the final step of its journey of becoming my very last quilt.

I'm so glad that Misha has created Coffee Talk for our group because I will continue to make other things and want to tell all of you about them.  But my left shoulder/arm problem has become a serious hindrance when it comes to making quilts. It is only because of DH's love for his kitty that I managed to finish this project.

So ... on to the photos after one more sincere THANK YOU to all forum members who so kindly sent me pieces of fabric featuring kitties.

First ... my standard photo of a completed quilt on our living room couch.  This shows the fleece backing with lots of grey and tan kittens; there is no batting in this thing so I suppose it is not technically a quilt because there are only two layers, a top and a backing.

Then the best, photo, DH with his new snuggly quilt that will keep his old bones warm while he watches TV in the evening. He finds it just the perfect weight and size and is very pleased with his Misty blanket.  Of course, when he flips his lever and elevates his feet he looks more comfy but then the quilt wouldn't photograph as well.

Now we'll focus on a few details .... here's the pantograph pattern on Misty's face:

And the pantograph pattern on the fleece backing:

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From: judyinohio


And now to continue with reasons why it is logical for me to hang up my quilting hat.  As I was working on DH's kitty quilt I had the thought that I had started my quilting life with a bunny-themed quilt and I was finishing with a kitty quilt and I had a giggle fit.

My first quilt, made in 1993, was created with some very inexpensive fabrics I picked up at JoAnn's because I wasn't sure I was going to like the idea of quilting. The store had Easter fabrics on sale so I grabbed pastel prints with bunnies, daffodils, Easter eggs, etc. and created a crib quilt. I had no person in mind to gift it to, I just wanted to try the idea of making a small quilt. It was cute, quick and fun to make.  (It eventually went to a friend whose church was having a "Quilts for Kosovo" drive years later.)  I don't have a photo of that first quilt.

Look at this row of notebooks. They are full of page savers that document almost all of the quilts I have made over the decades.  I don't know the exact number.  I don't want to know the exact number.

Here's another photo that reminds me that time has marched on.  The rubberized tips of my quilting gloves are rotting away and shed "dandruff" when I tried to use them today.  I had a newer pair and an older pair and both of them have crumbling tips on their fingers.  Fiddle-dee-dee!

And, last but not least, here's my version of Dee's Device, the great tool that helped me keep the tension correct on this project.

It worked great but it certainly slowed me down, again because of the my arm that doesn't want to work like a normal arm. 

This device did make me smile, though, because the fabric (found in my  JoAnn's remnant bin) was a heavy polyester canvas-y weight thing that reminded me so much of the canvas used to make the awnings for the S.S. Kresge dime stores of my youth.  How's that for an old lady's memory of days gone by?  wink

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From: MarciainMD


Congratulations on finishing the Misty quilt!  It's lovely and DH looks very proud to wear it.  I like the kitty quilting pattern.  Well done!


From: judyinohio


Thank you, Marcia.  DH is smart enough to not quibble about the minor glitches in the pantograph work.  LOL

Great job.  So nice that you documented the process of pulling it all together with a little help from friends.

Sad to hear that you don't think you'll quilt any more.  I would suggest you could piece and let your daughter quilt on your frame, but Que Sera, Sera (cue Doris Day).  I certainly understand the issues with your shoulder.  As I think you mentioned once before, we do this for fun.   Which then follows if it's not fun, then we should stop.  I discovered recently that putting the binding on a quilt really sends my shoulder aching.  Evidently I use my left elbow to help push the quilt.  Trying to figure out how to stop doing that.  Sitting at a computer for work 12-15 hours a day also hurts it.  Really hope to stop doing that before much longer... smiley

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


What a lovely, lovely quilt you've made!

I'm saddened by the fact that you believe this is your last quilt.  I do understand the mobility issue with your shoulder and how difficult it would be to wrestle the bulk around for quilting but ... and this highly depends on your point of view and how resigned you are to not sewing ... perhaps you could feed that quilting need by simply creating tops?

Quilting by check can become very expensive but simply making the tops, by whatever technique you like, can also be very satisfying.

OTOH, if the timeframe for quilting has now gone by, what will you do with all of your quilting supplies?  Will DD be gifted?

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


your tribute quilt to Misty is lovely and Dr Knox seems very comfy with his new lap quilt!!


From: judyinohio


My first love was needlepoint ... silk petitpoint to be very specific. While DH was in derm residency in Columbus I made fairly good pocket money stitching silk needlepoint rugs for a high-end dollhouse company in Upper Arlington, a company that sold exquisite dollhouse accessories all over the world. I had the eyesight and the nimble fingers for that work in the late 1970s and loved doing it.

But then I went to work in the 1980s for DH transcribing his dictation on what was supposed to be an ergonomic IBM typewriter and my right thumb eventually became disabled. These days I cannot pinch a needle worth a darn for very long. (Is there a pun in there?)  And so, after carpal tunnel release surgery I saw a display in a JoAnn store about machine made quilts.  Eureka! Made my first quilt in 1993 and it has been decades of joy until recently.

Your suggestion to let DD (or Other Daughter) do the quilting work is an excellent one but I still have the issue of shoving the parts of a quilt top under Cecil Faye's needle. I think I will stick to clay work until I am absolutely overcome by an urge to fondle fabric and then I'll make a tote bag or something else cotton-y.

Judy this is a really nice but sad Grand Finale for you.  

pot holders!  Miniatures?