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basting the bottom edge on a LA - video from HQ   General Discussion

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 192 views.

I posted this in Chit CHat but thought it really is quilting related so it should have it's own thread.  I've tried this several times now and am definitely sold.  Basically she doesn't unpin from the leader, but bastes while still attached, only removing a pin or two at a time.  I was skeptical but it does work if you go slowly.  I like not repinning.  I do use red snappers for hold my backing to the leaders, but started using pins for the quilt top because I seemed to be stretching the bottom edge when I used them.  Pinning doesn't do that.


From: Mishii


That looks easy enough.  I float all my tops, but if I ever attach the other leader, I'll try it this way.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Interesting video.  Never thought of that.  Good idea.  Thanks.