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Not a good start to my week   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-27 by Sandy in TX (Centergranny); 1147 views.

Well, my weekend didn’t consist of sewing. Had two of the 3 grandsons. It was great. We talked about their NEW SISTER due in August.  YAY a GRANDDAUGHTER ;)
On Saturday as the boys went to get their ice cream for desert, it was mushy, the chest freezer quit working but the light was on :(

So Monday DH and I go shopping  for a replacement. We pay $80 to have it delivered from Home Depot.  Tuesday morning the driver calls and asks it there’s enough room in front of our apartment for a flat bed truck.  Well, I step out my front door, and I look at the parking lot. First thing I notice was how EMPTY the parking lot is.  As it dawns on me (I’m still on the phone with the driver) and I say “My Car Is GONE” as it sinks in, I said it again louder! I finished my conversation with the driver he says he can’t drive his big rig in the apartments, so we’ll have to reschedule. I go wake up my DH  saying OUR CAR HAS BE STOLEN!  Yes, my 2017 Nissan Murano we have had since October 2019 was stolen! From a gated community! So I spent yesterday talking to police, insurance and car rental!  End of story, I did get the chest freezer delivered at 7:10 am today, and do have a rental.  Tomorrow is youngest DGS 10th birthday, surely it has to be a better day!

Oh Sandy I am so sorry! I hope that there will be a good ending to this story. 


From: judyinohio


Wow, Sandy!! How can a car be stolen when it is parked in a gated community?! How does a homeowner's association explain that??

Let's hope that someone has a surveillance video that has caught the bad guys using the entry code or snatching your car.

OMG Sandy!  Wishing you all the best for the rest of the week ... and onward ...


From: Midkid5


Sandy. So sorry about the freezer and your car, but congratulations on the expecting of your GD.


Thanks Ami. I hope so too! I enjoy seeing your skiing adventures.  My grandsons and Son in law were in Telluride around the same time you were snow mobiling! (Sp)

Thanks Pat.  Gotta be thankful it wasn’t a car jacking. But DH’s brand new wheelchair and 2 patterns were in there as well. 

Judy it is a gated apartment community. But I asked the same thing! The police officer said some could have brought them in.  Meaning inside job? Who knows.

Police station just called and said there’s been no scanning of the plates we have lots of toll roads here. But I canceled my tag last night just to be sure. 

Thank you Jo.  I can be thankful it wasn’t a car jacking I guess!


From: latterberry


Oh, Dear, Sandy!  A dead freezer is one thing and can be expected (they only live so long), but to have your car stolen!!  I can't even imagine the utter disbelief you must have experienced.  I hope your insurance treats you well.