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Houston Quilt Show 2020   General Discussion

Started Mar-9 by Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto); 541 views.

So the subject of attending the Houston Quilt Festival came up and it appears that there is some interest here to have a group get together to go. Figured I would start a topic to see if we can get this together and see who wants to go.

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So just gonna reserve this space for list of those going and other stuff.

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Ok one more page in case we need it


From: Mishii


I'm planning on going.  I've never been to a quilt show.  Houston should be a good first.

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I am provisionally interested.

oh oh oh, me me me!  It was fun going with my sister & daughter but sure would be fun to meet you guys there.

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Ok looks like there are 4 so far........guess we could say we are now in the planning stages. Where to stay, who will reserve rooms etc.

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There is a serious problem with your logic....aside from Paducah no other show will ever come close. No matter going to Houston I'd on many quilter's bucket lists. This would be my 3rd time and hopefully not my last.

I was hoping you would show up on this thread. Wherever we stayed last time was great.....I have no idea where it was but it did not seem too far.